After 32 Years, Email Still Dominates


Over the 32 years since email was invented, it’s grown in a way that few other technologies have. From something that was only used internally at organizations, email is now a necessity for everyone. As the world’s leading email delivery service, SendGrid is in a unique position to see how email continues to grow, and where it’s headed in the … Read more ›

5 Years and 273 Billion Emails

Infographic 1

This summer, we’ve been celebrating the five-year anniversary of SendGrid. Part of that celebration has been looking at some of the major scaling milestones and accomplishments of our customers and the company through retrospectives, webcasts, and an infographic, all shared in part, below.  Scale A big part of helping our customers scale has been learning from our own growth. Since … Read more ›

Successfully Scaling Email: Inside Commissions Inc’s Record Setting Growth


When we hit our 5th birthday last month, we started to talk a lot about scale. As we’re scaling as a company, (from number of employees to the volume of email we’re sending) our customers are scaling their businesses too. Our mission is to make sure that our customers have access to the infrastructure, technology, and personal attention they need to successfully, and continuously … Read more ›

Scaling the Customer Experience

New Era of the Customer

Earlier this month, Isaac, Jose, and Tim wrote letters about what their first 5 years of scaling SendGrid has been like. A common theme for all of them was our customers and our people. At the center of both of these is our Customer Success team. They’ve scaled tremendously over the past 5 years to ensure that our customers are … Read more ›

Scaling With Partnerships

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One of the ways SendGrid has been able to scale and reach its current size is by partnering with other amazing companies and organizations. Partnerships help SendGrid reach new customers, show them how email can help their business, and add value to their email program. To understand how business partnerships are a key aspect in how SendGrid has scaled so … Read more ›

Looking Up: 5 Years of Scaling Our Technology and Our People

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Recently, SendGrid celebrated five years since we formed the company. Five years and over 270 billion emails later, I want to share some of my thoughts on some key lessons I’ve learned along the way. Design For Failure One of the biggest mistakes we made in the initial creation of SendGrid was focusing on getting a feature working, and then … Read more ›

Crossing the Five Year Mark

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First and foremost, I’m honored and humbled to be a part of a journey that’s given me the best five years of my life. Within these past five years, I’ve met my wife, started SendGrid, went through the Boulder TechStars program, and met some of the most amazing people in my life. I sincerely enjoy going to work every day. … Read more ›