Photobucket Traded in Their Email Marketing Woes for Wins

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Deliverability rates have you down? Marketing Manager at Photobucket, Derek Cann, isn’t burdened by deliverability rates, but he certainly knows where you’re coming from. Photobucket is the first and largest online photo and video-hosting site that also offers backup and linking features. They also host a print shop where users can print their photos. What does this have to do with … Read more ›

Update on Security Incident and Additional Security Measures

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What Happened On April 8, the SendGrid account of a Bitcoin-related customer was compromised and used to send phishing emails. We initially believed that this account takeover was an isolated incident and worked with our customer to help them recover control of their account and minimize the damage of the attack. After further investigation in collaboration with law enforcement and … Read more ›

4 Tips for Providing Successful Email Support

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SendGrid may be known for having an amazing support team, but how it achieves this competitive advantage may not be so obvious. I joined SendGrid about 6 months ago. Prior to this, I was leading technical support teams for some very large tech corporations. I know that some companies can spend more effort analyzing their service than they do delivering … Read more ›

Leveraging Local Communication Channels with Balihoo, SendGrid, and Twilio

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When it comes to helping national brands like Geico, New Balance, and Ace Hardware leverage the power of local marketing, Balihoo knows that local, targeted email and local phone numbers for people to call are the best tools to use. Balihoo is a local marketing automation company that helps national brands execute marketing campaigns. Their platform provides brands with local … Read more ›

Confirming Why SendGrid Built Its Own MTA

Tim Jenkins Company
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A number of people, both inside SendGrid and out, have asked me about our decision to build our own message transfer agent (MTA) versus using one of the commercial products that exist in the market. In light of recent market news concerning the merger of two commercial MTA vendors, I thought it would be a good time to share my … Read more ›