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Startups Are Everywhere We hear a lot about startups in the news, blogs, movies, and even commercials. The notion of creating a product with nothing but sheer willpower, ramen, some college buddies, and an empty garage sounds romantic. Dreams of hockey stick growth, press in TechCrunch, and Mark Cuban becoming an investor feels inevitable. In my opinion those hopes and … Read more ›

Delivering Beers Hand Over Wrist!

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Since May 2013, we’ve partnered with our friends at Ignite in Newcastle, England, to run an event for startups, developers, tech watchers, entrepreneurs, and investors every month called Startup Beers. Recently, the Ignite team partnered with UKTI to run an accelerator programme in the newly opened Campus North. The 3-month-long Sirius programme was open to anyone who had gained their … Read more ›

The 3 C’s of Developer Relations


A lot of people ask what a Developer Evangelist does, and the answers can vary a bit depending on which company they work for, and how the team is placed within the organization. Regardless of the tactics in place, all of them are based on a few core principles of Developer Relations, which I call the 3 C’s: Community, Code, and … Read more ›

There’s No Such Thing as a “Long Tail Developer”

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Spend some time listening to companies with APIs and you may hear one refer to “long tail developers.” Usually it’s said in a derogatory and dismissive manner: “We aren’t going after long tail developers with our API.” So they’ll put their API documentation behind registration walls, or worse make you talk to sales before you can even find out what … Read more ›

Quantify Thyself: Creating a Personal Life API


I recently had the great privilege to speak at self.conference 2014 in Detroit. I used this opportunity to share the idea of creating a Personal Life API with Detroit’s amazing developer community. Following is the summary of that talk. Be sure to check out all the other interesting talks at Github. We all know that data is easy to collect, … Read more ›

Influencing Email and Becoming a White Hat ESP: Why We Love M3AAWG

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Being an email service provider (ESP) is a unique business model because we rely on proactively adapting to changes on the horizon. This information is often released slowly to the community. M3AAWG (pronounced like blog) stands for the Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group. This working group focuses on addressing the different types of messaging abuse, including: Spam email … Read more ›

The Importance of Projects

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Time and time again, people ask me the best way to get into programming, or the best way to learn a new language, or the best way to understand a framework, and time and time again, my answer is to start a project. Over the years, I’ve worked on countless projects, ranging from stupid ideas that got featured on tech … Read more ›