Help Contribute to SendGrid’s Open Source Documentation


I have been the documentation developer at SendGrid for a couple weeks now. I was hired to organize and improve the customer facing documentation from a content, engagement, and functional perspective. The outpouring of excitement for enhancing our documentation is absolutely amazing. Everyone I have talked to has willingly offered their time and knowledge to make sure that I have … Read more ›

The 4 S’s of a Good API Demo


Guy Kawasaki’s “The Macintosh Way,” is packed with good advice and is a quick read that you should absolutely check out. You can get The Macintosh Way as a free download. In it, there’s a chapter called “How to Give Good Demo,” where Kawasaki suggests that good demos should be short, simple, sweet, swift, and substantial, and that starting with … Read more ›

Why HackRU Is My Favorite Hackathon


My all-time favorite hackathon took place this past weekend at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Now, I’m definitely biased this being my alma mater and all (plus having helped plan and run it for a year and a half :P) so please keep that in mind with what follows. Here are a few things that I think HackRU continues … Read more ›

How I Value Open Source (Part 1)


This article is a personal look at Open Source, and how I value it. Part 2 will be a deeper dive into Open Source. Its true values, success stories, horror stories, licenses, and much more. Make sure you come back to read that one! I gave a talk last week at WXG 2014 on “The Value of Open Source.” This topic is … Read more ›

SendGrid <3 Students

high five

Here at SendGrid we are huge advocates of community. Therefore, when John Britton reached out regarding joining their new student initiative, Student Development Pack, we all got suuuuper excited!     SendGrid’s Accelerate.EDU Package Today’s students are building the next generation of innovative apps and we want to help provide them with the tools they need to succeed. Offering our services, mentorship, … Read more ›

Open Source Documentation: One Year Later

Community, Technical
SendGrid docs

A year ago, we open sourced our documentation, with the hypothesis that it would improve the docs by adding feedback loops and removing barriers that discourage contribution. We also wanted to share what we had learned during the process. I’m glad to say that so far the results have been good, and the decision to open source our documentation continues … Read more ›

SendGrid Accelerate: Startup Beers, Newcastle

Campus North

As part of the SendGrid Accelerate program, I spent a day up in Newcastle, UK mentoring teams on the Ignite100 accelerator based out of the community backed, and absolutely huge, Campus North workspace. We have a great relationship with Ignite and Campus North. We work together to run a fantastic networking event for northeast-based startups and developers called Startup Beers. … Read more ›

Young Rewired State & Code on the Road

Community, Technical

“It was a sea of Blue SendGrid T-Shirts. Everywhere I looked, I saw SendGrid! You guys rock!” My first answer when asked the question “What do Developer Evangelists do?” is always: We empower and nurture developers. In previous talks I’ve given and articles I’ve written, I’ve described how teaching, mentoring, empowering, and nurturing are the most important parts of my … Read more ›