A Gopher Attends PythonBrasil[10]

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A few weeks ago, I found myself arriving in Recife, Brazil for PythonBrasil[10]. I had the time of my life and met extremely bad ass people over there. I also met people whom I now call friends, and I’ll try to highlight some of my favorite things from the experience below. PythonBrasil consists of workshops, talks, sprints, and some really fun … Read more ›

Hackathon: To Theme or Not to Theme?


Hackathons are already a giant movement worldwide, especially in the US and now in Europe with the recent launch of the MLH season in that region. They’ve been growing more and more in South America as people, communities, and companies are exposed to them and see the value in helping and organizing. A common question that hackathon organizers ask me … Read more ›

The SendGrid Ambassador Programme

SendGrid Ambassador Program

Over the last year I’ve had the joy and privilege of being in charge of the SendGrid Ambassador Programme for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). My colleague, Yamil, has been in charge of the Ambassador Programme over in the United States and Latin America. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll know by now that one of my absolute favourite … Read more ›

The Value of Open Source (Part 2)

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I wrote a few weeks ago about How I Value Open Source, the first part in this two-part blog series. The post covered my own thoughts on Open Source (OS), and its values to me. This post aims to cover more real-life fundamentals of OS, a deeper dive into OS and of course, the business value that lies in OS. I’ve … Read more ›

SendGrid Mentors at TechStars Patriot Boot Camp

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As a member of our Developer Relations team, we get the awesome opportunity to work with some really motivated developers and startups. However, every now and then we get the opportunity to do something a little different that has just as big of an impact. Recently, we were able to lend a hand in a really great boot camp. My co-worker, Eddie Zaneski, … Read more ›

SendGrid is Helping Bring StartupBus to India


Last year I got to ride on the StartupBus from New York to Austin, Texas. My team and I created a StartUp in 3 days, got the ability to demo in front of some amazing judges and got great feedback/friends along the way. When Prateek from AirPair mentioned the opportunity to help bring that amazing experience to aspiring entrepreneurs and … Read more ›