Real estate technology platform, Commissions Inc., connects top tier real estate brokers and agents to homebuyers and sellers. They work with hundreds of MLS data providers throughout the US and Canada that results in millions of listings housed within their platform.

One of Commissions Inc’s primary value propositions is its speed and accuracy from home search to lead management. As a result, email was chosen as one of the primary vehicles for communicating to their audience base. With email, Commissions Inc. enables brokers and agents to deliver customized, targeted messages to homebuyers and sellers in the form of property alerts.

Scalability + Deliverability Expertise = Success

As Commissions Inc. grew, they realized that they needed a more scalable email solution that could provide insights into the productivity of their email campaigns, but removed the burden of managing an email server and the issues that came along with it. They needed:

  • A cloud-based solution that would serve as their email infrastructure
  • Industry-leading email deliverability expertise that could ensure fast and consistent delivery of their email messages

…Enter SendGrid!

Integrating SendGrid with Commission Inc’s backend systems only took a few minutes. Even better, with SendGrid’s robust APIs, they were able to gain greater visibility into their data. Via SendGrid’s Event Webhook, Commissions Inc. was able to take a proactive approach to their email campaigns by accessing:

  • Blocks
  • Bounces
  • Spam reports
  • Invalid emails
  • Unsubscribe data

Commissions Inc. sent only two thousand emails per month when they started with SendGrid. Now, they send millions. All with high email delivery and response rates.

Additionally, their spam reports have decreased to .07% and with SendGrid’s proactive approach to account management, development time spent on their email management has reduced from 10% down to 2%.

To learn more about how Commissions Inc. achieved these successes and how they’ve scaled with SendGrid’s APIs, read their customer success story here.

Jillian Smith
As Twilio SendGrid's Sr. Director of Content, Jillian is responsible for ensuring that SendGrid provides valuable thought leadership content through the blog, whitepapers, webcasts, and more. When not writing and editing, you can find Jillian frequenting Denver restaurants in search of the best queso.