In my penultimate post for the Code Challenge series, I’m putting a spotlight on Mashape. You can check out the list of all my posts in my introduction to the Code Challenge.

Mashape is an API hub that has tons of APIs that are perfect for SendGrid mash-ups. In this post I wanted to go over some of my favorites and showcase how they work.

Email Sherlock

As the name suggests, Email Sherlock gives you information on the email address provided. It does this by doing a social media search on the email address. This makes a good mash-up with our webhooks.

Our Parse Webhook lets your application receive incoming email. With Email Sherlock you can get more information on the person who is emailing you so you can better understand your users.

Here is a screenshot on the information it got from my SendGrid address:

Yoda Speak

This is just a fun API that changes the given text into the way Yoda would have phrased it. It works well with the SendGrid Web API. Before sending out the email it will convert the message into Yoda Speak and send it out. Here is an example below:

Kickbox was one of the more interesting APIs I found on Mashape. It lets you know if an email address that you have is valid. It not only checks the syntax of the email but also makes sure there is a user behind that address. This can obviously become handy when sending out emails.

Language Tool

When sending out emails, spelling is not an issue these. How about grammar? With this API, you can check your grammar before sending out that mail. I called their API using the text: “This is a example”. The output given below says, “Use ‘an’ instead of ‘a’ if the following word starts with a vowel sound, e.g. ‘an article’, ‘an hour'”.

I’ll be posting my final Code Challenge post soon, so check back in to see what I’m writing!

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