I love code camps, especially the SoCal Code Camp! It’s an opportunity to learn from fellow developers in a classroom style setting. This year over 148 people submitted sessions for Saturday & Sunday! Now that’s what I call a thriving community which has no qualms with giving freely of their knowledge!

Given the massive amount of talks and interest, I decided to up the ante and give two talks myself. The first talk was on Personal Productivity for Developers, followed by a crash course on Keeping Your Apps’ Email Out of the SPAM Folder. Check out the linked SlideShare slides to dig deeper and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

This time, we convened at UC San Diego and held court in various class rooms. Per usual, there was the infamous afterhours Geek Dinner at Porter’s Pub where we witnessed an impressive AC/DC cover band, OC/DC followed by evening discussing the finer points of hackdom.

Special thanks to the heroic efforts of Woody Pewitt and all of the SoCal Code Camp organizers. It always amazes me how they are able to get so many people together in a way that works so smoothly.

Elmer Thomas is SendGrid's Developer Experience Engineer. His mission is to help SendGrid live up to its slogan: "Email Delivery. Simplified" by improving the lives of developers, both internally and externally. Via all sorts of hackery, of course. Follow his exploits on Twitter and GitHub.