How We Use to Test 233 API Endpoints in Seconds

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testing API endpoints
SendGrid actively supports SDKs across 7 programming languages, with each of these SDKs supporting 233 API calls. We needed a way to test each endpoint, ensuring we don’t break basic usability while rapidly evolving our code base to support all of our new v3 APIs, without creating custom mocking code in each testing framework. made this extremely easy with its Prism mock server, giving us a Swagger/OAI-driven mocked version of the SendGrid API server. In this post, we will describe the specific workflows that allow us to test all of our endpoint interfaces in seconds rather than minutes. Read More ›

Recent Updates to Marketing Campaigns


We’ve been busy working on continuous improvements for Marketing Campaigns, our easy-to-use email marketing service. Marketing Campaigns provides users with powerful recipient segmentation, a simple campaign-building interface, responsive email templates, and much more. We’re excited to share some recent enhancements within Marketing Campaigns that we think you’ll love: Link Click Tracking Marketing Campaigns senders can now track which links within their emails get the most love, allowing them to understand recipient engagement with increased granularity. Simply log in to check out the click data for up to 100 individual links within campaigns you’ve sent. Note: this data is not yet available for campaigns using A/B testing. Increased Campaign and Photo Limits In an effort to accommodate senders who want to create