Secure Account Sharing: Introducing Our New Teammates Feature

Lindsey Weinig Product
We recognize that you need to collaborate with your team in order to get the most from your email platform. But how do you manage the needs of your associates? Do you give full access to anyone who needs an API key or needs to update your billing information? Or perhaps you take on all of the requests of your team, in order to ensure no accidental changes are made to your account? We’ve solved this conundrum for you by allowing you to invite and specify permission levels for each of your colleagues with Teammates. Read More ›

Using Google Cloud Platform & SendGrid to Keep Up With Success: The Screen Time Labs Case Study

Jessy Sweet Product
In 2014, Steve Vangasse created a simple, reliable app that rewarded his kids for managing their time responsibly on their new tablets. In just two years, more than 1 million parents have downloaded Screen Time. Boasting over 100,000 daily active users, the app leverages email to send its users important alerts regarding their children’s activities. Read More ›

Wrapping Up 2016: Marketing Campaigns’ First Year

Email Marketing, Product
2016 was Marketing Campaigns’ debut year, and we at SendGrid couldn’t be more proud of—and grateful for—the successes we’ve achieved with your help. As 2016 came to a close, our teams were hard at work on behind-the-scenes product improvements that ensure Marketing Campaigns will continue to be a leader in scale and reliability, as well as laying the foundation for some big deliverables in 2017. Read More ›

APIs: Perfection Vs. Reality

Product, Technical
When releasing email API endpoints at SendGrid, we’ve learned that in our ideal world, where our customers greet us with open arms and warm hugs, isn’t always reality. This isn’t to say that customers don’t love what we’re doing, but we’ve learned valuable lessons about testing, validating, and communicating with customers before taking new endpoints live. Read More ›

Improve Email Deliverability and Drive Business Value With SendGrid’s Expert Services

email delivery services
Sending large volumes of transactional and marketing email that is not only engaging, but that also reaches the inbox is hard. Many things can go wrong based on the complex email ecosystem puzzle. (Here is a handy infographic that highlights the complexity of the email ecosystem). To better address our customers’ unique sending needs, today we are proud to announce our new SendGrid Expert Service offerings to help our customers optimize their email sending practices and drive their business. As email volumes grow and as businesses mature, we realize that every customer’s email strategy is unique. Read More ›