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Modern Authentication and Identity: Where Are We Today?

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Ryan Chenkie from Auth0 explains why there's so much more to authentication today than just entering a username and password. Now, we have ways to make authentication and identity more secure for both users and companies, all with the added benefit of it being more convenient in many cases. This is made possible with features like social login, passwordless authentication, single sign-on, and multifactor auth. All are explained in this guest post, including how Auth0 and SendGrid can help. Read More ›

2015 Predictions for DevOps

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The following is a guest post from Matt Chesler, DevOps Architect for TheLadders, the premier mobile network for career driven professionals. We sat down with Matt to learn about what he thinks lies ahead for DevOps in 2015.  Q: How do you think adoption of DevOps practices (Agile, etc.) will change in 2015? A: DevOps practices aren’t going to change, they will continue to grow. If you look at current DevOps job listings and listen to what recruiters are looking for, DevOp engineers, etc. are becoming far more prevalent than they used to be. There’s recognition in the industry that this is the direction things are going. Companies get more productivity out of DevOps engineers than traditional system administrators because they are Read More ›

SendGrid Delivers Email Branding to DigitalChalk Customers

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The following is a guest post from DigitalChalk. Learn more about DigitalChalk at the bottom of this post. With any learning management system it is ideal to have private branding capabilities, and yet often times you don’t get that. With DigitalChalk, we continually work to allow our customers easy access to branding features. Our current features allow you to change the theme of your organization as well as uploading your company’s logo to the system, and now we’ve teamed up with SendGrid to allow email branding in conjunction with our notifications feature. It’s an easy process that doesn’t require the user to be computer savvy or the need for a computer programmer – you just need to know how to Read More ›

How to Improve Your Registration Completion by 38% with SendGrid

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The following is a guest post from Daria Shualy, Don Draper at Learn more about daPulse and a special offer they’re extending to our readers at the bottom of this post.   “Hey babes, I’m finally on the flight back home. Can’t wait to see you.” This email title is sure to get a 100% open rate. Unfortunately, most emails sent to users don’t enjoy such high open rates. This is especially frustrating when the email in question is the “Please confirm your registration” email. I mean, you’d think someone who just decided to join a service or subscribe to a newsletter, someone who voluntarily put in the time and effort to fill in their details, would follow up by Read More ›

Why the Notification is the Most Important Email You Can Send for Growth

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The following is a guest post by Wesley Yu at Sendwithus. Learn more about Wesley at the bottom of this post. With so many products on the market, keeping customers engaged with your company is getting harder than ever. Customers sign up, they’ll use your product for a while, then they’ll churn. Sometimes churn happens when your company just slips their mind – they forgot about you – other times it happens because they never really experienced the “AH-HA” moment – the moment when your product just clicks and works in their mind. Notification emails bridge that gap. They keep your company top of mind, and they nudge customers closer to that “AH-HA” moment. Notifications emails focus on retention, increasing Read More ›

4 Things That Developers Want From Products

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The following is a guest post from Martin Gontovnikas at Auth0. Learn more about Martin at the bottom of this post. Today is a great time to be a developer. I remember 7 years ago, when I had to build an application, I had to take care of getting an SMTP server, integrate with an awkward payment gateway, build my own datacenter, implement the authentication and user management backend, and so on. In the last couple of years, my life has become much simpler. In this blog post, I will cover what I think is crucial to get right if you want to appeal to me: a developer. 1. Awesome docs This topic deserves a post of its own, but here are the Read More ›

How SendGrid’s Real-time Notifications and Support Help Enplug Maintain a High Level of Growth

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The following is a guest post from Ryan Gushue at Enplug.  With Enplug digital signage, we’ve developed a way for businesses to better engage with their customers through social media from inside their venue. We use SendGrid to automate some of our consumer-facing communication. Here are some highlights. Real-time Notifications and Support As a startup, our resources are limited, so saving time and money through automation is key for becoming more efficient. Welcome emails and password-reset information are dynamically generated and delivered to our clients through SendGrid, allowing our support staff to focus on more important customer needs. Our Enplug Plug & Play mini device turns any digital display into an interactive and real-time marketing tool for businesses. The Enplug Read More ›

3 Ways to Send Behavioral Emails

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The following is a Guest Post by Jimmy Daly, who runs the blog at Vero. You can say hi to him on Twitter or Google+. The future of email is personalization, but the definition of that term is changing rapidly. Adding a user’s name in the subject line is old school compared to what some of the smartest companies are doing with the huge amounts of data that marketers now have access to. It can be overwhelming to think about sending one-to-one emails to your leads and customers but it’s actually easier than you think. There are few ways to go about this, and we’ll touch on three of them here. 1. Retargeting Emails There are actually two types of retargeting Read More ›

Play Reversi Using SendGrid

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Reversi with email

The following is a guest post by Wataru Sato, a developer who works with SendGrid in Japan. He has a blog at and you can find his GitHub page here: I’m from Japan and work with SendGrid there. SendGrid is a powerful email service that sends a large number of emails every day. However, SendGrid’s APIs can also be used for fun! Today, I created a game using SendGrid. It’s called SendGrid-Reversi, and it let’s you play Reversi entirely over email! It runs on Sinatra, the data is stored in MongoDB, and the functionality is built on top of the various SendGrid APIs. Launch the Application Clone the repo, and follow the instructions. On launch, the application begins configuring itself automatically Read More ›

Help Your Customers Get Better Email Deliverability Rates

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The following is a guest post from Jesse Wynants at Prezly. Learn how Prezly has leveraged SendGrid to send email on behalf of their users as part of our Marketing Solutions Partnership below, and learn more about Jesse and Prezly at the conclusion of the post. We’ve been using SendGrid since June 2011 to send email on behalf of our users. This means that users use our service to send email, but their own email address is in the FROM address. (Essentially, SendGrid provides the backend email infrastructure, while we provide our frontend PR services.) Sending emails on behalf of users adds an extra challenge. You don’t want spam filters blocking your email because they think you’re spoofing an email Read More ›