Spotlight on SendGrid’s Parental Leave Policy

Lauren Alworth Company
Spotlight on SendGrid's Parental Leave Policy
Here at SendGrid, we pride ourselves on being innovators, always one step ahead of the game. Our benefits are no exception, because our employees are our strongest asset. That’s why we’re excited to announce our updated Parental Leave policy. SendGrid now pays 5 weeks at 100% salary for new parents for up to one year following the birth or adoption of a new bundle of joy. Read More ›

Staying True to Your Customers at the Scale of 1 Billion Emails Per Day


In light of SendGrid reaching the milestone of sending 1 billion emails per day, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to build a successful, customer-first email service provider. Scaling a business is hard, but there are a few things that I believe have allowed SendGrid to continue to be successful. They include: Remaining true to our core customer base Continuing to drive value for customers from the services we deliver Running our business based on a strong set of core values Remaining true to our core customer base SendGrid was founded almost 7 years ago by 3 developers who were acutely aware of the challenge to manage and maintain an in-house email delivery infrastructure. As innovative developers, they set

Hey Mandrill Customers—We’d Love the Opportunity to Serve You

Sameer Dholakia Company
Join us!

Yesterday, MailChimp announced that Mandrill is becoming a paid “add-on” to MailChimp, meaning they will be consolidating the Mandrill service into the MailChimp solution to focus on the marketer, starting April 27th. Mandrill customers who’ve spent countless hours integrating and fine-tuning their transactional email strategies are now suddenly faced with transitioning to a MailChimp account (for developers, you may not have a need for a marketing product) or looking for another partner. For all you disappointed Mandrill customers out there…we’d love to welcome you to our SendGrid family and become your email infrastructure provider! SendGrid pioneered this category and we believe that transactional email is more than an “add-on.” It’s our core business and has been since 2009. We continue

Everything You Should Know For The First 48 Hours of a New Job

Ken Apple Company

The following is a post from VP of Support and Business Operations, Ken Apple, and People Operations Generalist, Emily Staebell, who run our new hire onboarding at SendGrid. Below are a few lessons we compiled from facilitating the onboarding sessions in 2015 for 115 new SendGrid employees (we call these newbies “Gridders”). These Gridders have gone on to be some of the fastest and most influential new hires we’ve added over SendGrid’s six years of existence. Read, learn, and copy the tips that contributed to their success. 1. Ask questions In The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, Carl Sagan says: “There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question

Customer Spotlight: Bandsintown


At its core, Bandsintown enriches lives by connecting fans with the artists they love. Through the Bandsintown Concerts app, users are able to track artists they love to listen to, and see when they’re coming to town and where they’re performing. Today, over 20 million music lovers have registered with Bandsintown to track their favorite artists and learn about upcoming live performances in their areas. Currently, Bandsintown sends almost 50 million emails each month to their various recipients. While Bandsintown communicates with customers via push, SMS, and email messages, they’ve embraced email as their core communication channel. Bandsintown uses SendGrid to send users transactional emails about their account settings, as well as marketing emails that inform fans about the artists