SendGrid Partners with FullContact and the Denver Broncos to Tackle STEM

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SendGrid is excited to be partnering will FullContact and the world champion Denver Broncos to host the Tackle STEM Colorado All-Stars Hackathon this fall. The Colorado All-Stars Hackathon offers participants an opportunity to interact with professionals from the industry and gain insightful knowledge about their chosen stream of study. The goal is to challenge aspiring students and technology enthusiasts to explore feasible ideas, develop their team skills and strengthen their network. Read More ›

SendGrid’s Approach to NPS: Specific Things We Do While We Keep Our Sights on What Matters Most

SendGrid recently revamped its Net Promotor Score (NPS) system which needed a survey process that would a) capture a lot of data b) allow us to close the loop with customers in near real-time and c) analyze and report on the data. Matt Thelen, who manages SendGrid's Strategy, Research, and Insights initiatives provides tangible and specific examples of how this was achieved at SendGrid. Read More ›

Spotlight on SendGrid’s Parental Leave Policy

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Spotlight on SendGrid's Parental Leave Policy
Here at SendGrid, we pride ourselves on being innovators, always one step ahead of the game. Our benefits are no exception, because our employees are our strongest asset. That’s why we’re excited to announce our updated Parental Leave policy. SendGrid now pays 5 weeks at 100% salary for new parents for up to one year following the birth or adoption of a new bundle of joy. Read More ›

Staying True to Your Customers at the Scale of 1 Billion Emails Per Day


In light of SendGrid reaching the milestone of sending 1 billion emails per day, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to build a successful, customer-first email service provider. Scaling a business is hard, but there are a few things that I believe have allowed SendGrid to continue to be successful. They include: Remaining true to our core customer base Continuing to drive value for customers from the services we deliver Running our business based on a strong set of core values Remaining true to our core customer base SendGrid was founded almost 7 years ago by 3 developers who were acutely aware of the challenge to manage and maintain an in-house email delivery infrastructure. As innovative developers, they setRead More ›