SendGrid Partners with FullContact and the Denver Broncos to Tackle STEM

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SendGrid is excited to be partnering will FullContact and the world champion Denver Broncos to host the Tackle STEM Colorado All-Stars Hackathon this fall. The Colorado All-Stars Hackathon offers participants an opportunity to interact with professionals from the industry and gain insightful knowledge about their chosen stream of study. The goal is to challenge aspiring students and technology enthusiasts to explore feasible ideas, develop their team skills and strengthen their network. Read More ›

SendGrid is Now Available in Google Cloud Launcher

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SendGrid is happy to announce its availability in Google Cloud Launcher, a marketplace that enables Google Cloud Platform users to explore, launch, and manage powerful solutions and services. Google Cloud Platform offers computing, storage, and application services for your web, mobile, and backend solutions. Google Cloud Platform and SendGrid have collaborated for a number of years, but this update provides customers with easier access to leverage SendGrid. Why Join Google Cloud Launcher Email continues to be one of the most effective ways for organizations to communicate with their users or customers. From an ROI perspective, each $1 invested in email returns an average of $38 in revenue. We’re happy to provide an easy email integration for Google Cloud Platform users.Read More ›

Automating the Accelerate Program Using Stamplay


Stamplay + SendGrid Stamplay is basically lego blocks for developers. Essentially, it allows developers to connect disparate API endpoints together to build a functioning backend, all through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. I first came across the tool during my office hours at 500 Startups and I immediately saw a lot of value in it. In addition to connecting endpoints seamlessly, it also allows a developer to trigger workflows based on certain criteria. For example, you can send out automated Slack invites over email. Stamplay connects with several services (including SendGrid) to add a layer of abstraction, allowing developers, and even non-developers, to quickly put together a backend for their projects. Most recently, there were two major updates to the serviceRead More ›

The SendGrid Internal Hackathon


In mid-August, we hosted our second-annual Internal Hackathon and once again, it was a total success! Over 100 employees, ~30 hacks, and 24 hours of creative excellence! The whole idea of hackathons is to bring people together in a creative environment and give them the freedom to build something amazing. All too often now we see companies hosting internal hackathons where the event is either mandatory attendance, or a chance for the company to exploit their employees by having them work on only the business’s software, and without any kind of remuneration—in essence just a long, pressured sprint. This isn’t a good way to go, and certainly not something we agree with. Whilst we had “bounties” on SendGrid-related projects, theRead More ›

10 Reasons I Love Being a Developer Evangelist (In Pictures)


I’ve now been a Developer Evangelist (or as I call it, a Devangelist) for 29 months. I’ve admittedly been close to burn out twice, but bounced back from both close-to-burnouts with the knowledge to keep myself from doing it again. I’ve been all over the world, spoken at some of the best conferences, attended some of the best hackathons, learned an unbelievable amount, mentored some of the finest minds I’ve ever come across, and enjoyed every minute of it. To document my ongoing experience as a Devangelist, I thought I’d throw together this pictorial blog to tell my story. So, here are my 10 reasons in pictures, why I love being a Developer Evangelist. This was originally an Ignite talk IRead More ›