SendGrid is happy to announce a new partnership with a great Canadian email marketing product: Emailicious. Emailicious is an intuitive email campaign tool that makes importing lists, segmenting recipients, and sending marketing emails easy. In order to ensure these messages are delivered, they chose to build their platform on top of SendGrid.

SendGrid is the largest email infrastructure as a service provider that is the ideal email delivery engine for Emailicious’ product. For users of Emailicious, if they already have a SendGrid account, they can log into their platform and receive a discount on the Emailicious product and simply send messages with their SendGrid email credits.

Through Emailicious, SendGrid customers can create and send marketing email campaigns with the unique capabilities Emailicious provides, including:

  • Multilingual Capabilities – Send custom email content to users in different countries in the language they’re most comfortable reading like English, French, or German.
  • CAN-SPAM, Bill C-28, and CASL Compliance – Ensure that all your email is compliant with anti-spam legislation in Europe, Canada, and the United States.
  • Email Support – Emailicious provides support to customers who need more insight into CASL or who need support in French.

In addition to these features, like our newsletter application, Emailicious allows users to import and export recipient lists, edit email templates within their platform, segment recipient lists, and monitor the success of email campaigns with metrics and analytics. Learn more about how Emailicious works in the video below and learn more about the tool and request a demo here.


Matt leads SendGrid's Strategy, Research, and Insights function including NPS, Competitive and Market Intelligence, Customer Insights, Analyst Relations, Custom Research efforts, and more. His focus is to help SendGrid be customer-obsessed, competitively-aware, and industry-informed.