On January 16th,  Sound City, Digital Advisors and ACME/Liverpool Vision, teamed up to host a Futureproof Routes to Market session: Broaden Your Horizons–a motivational event for the burgeoning local creative sector in Liverpool.


The workshop’s mission was to:

“Look at life outside games, how the skills of game developers and digital companies are applicable to sectors in areas such as music, brands, social media, gamification and meta games and how other sectors and industries are looking to games and services as the new way to engage customers. [And to] examine how digital companies can increase their commercial opportunities by leveraging their skills and knowhow in different ways or in new areas.”

My fellow speakers were Mike Haigh, a Creative Director Consultant​ with expertise in mobile and free to play games,  Stephen O’Railly, Director of International Sales at Mobile Roadie​, and Clemens Wangerin, Co-Founder of Setgo Ltd.

The reaction to my talk was extremely positive, given I was asked to essentially talk about myself and how I’ve pivoted my career and broadened my horizons. It resulted in several more speaking offers at exciting Liverpool events and I met some excellent entrepreneurs and event organizers who sought advice on everything from product design to running hack days.


The biggest takeaway from the event was seeing the Liverpool City Council finally embracing and nurturing the talent in the city.  Also, seeing the efforts that Liverpool is putting into creating a hub for technical innovation and creative output, including a new school for technical education and several new co-working spaces. A great step forward.

A big shout and “thank you” to Enda and Lindsey who organized the event and are running many more in the city all the time. Also, props to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for closing down their Liverpool office and spilling a ton of potential entrepreneurs and hardcore game developers out into the streets who are ready to take Liverpool’s digital industry to the next level.

Martyn Davies is a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid and a creative developer based in London. He has worked in technology for over 14 years with a background in both the music industry and technology. A serial hackathon organiser, mentor and startup advisor, you’ll find him presenting, demoing, hacking and chatting at hack days, conferences and meetups in the UK & Europe on a regular basis.