We are pleased to announce that SendGrid has created a new report to help our customers better understand how their emails perform across common ISPs.  This report will help you target your audiences and quickly address any deliverability issues by showing you daily statistics at the domain level. Our customers will have the ability to view their email statistics (opens, clicks, bounces, etc) and see how their Yahoo! recipients perform versus Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

This new report will be available to all our valued customers in the near future, but prior to that release we would like to gather some initial feedback from you; our brave beta-testing army.

If you would like to participate in this beta test and have advanced access to this report in exchange for your thoughts please send me an email at brian.oneill@sendgrid.com and I’ll provide you with the information needed to get started.

Brian is SendGrid's Product Manager. He has over a decade of experience in SW Development, Productions/Ops, and Product Management.