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Delivery Download 2015 – Your Questions Answered!

We had an incredible amount of questions come in at the very last minute during the live Q&A portion of our webcast Delivery Download 2015. We couldn’t get to them all in time, so our host Kurt Diver took a few minutes to answer some of the lingering questions we couldn’t get to! If you’d like to watch the presentation … Read more ›

12 Videos, 6 Weeks, 1 Data Expert – Your Journey to Becoming a Data-Driven Marketer Starts Here

data science of email

As we learned from our customer panelists at our Email Matters event, data insights are critical in providing marketers with actionable steps so they can better engage their customers. And as data volumes increase, there is a growing demand for data scientists to comb through and uncover these key insights. In fact, SendGrid is predicting the creation of a new … Read more ›

Email Trick or Treat? Getting Clicks is the End Game.

email trick or treat

This post is in continuation of our “Email Trick or Treat” blog series. If you’d like to start from the beginning check out our first and second posts on email tricks (common misconceptions) and treats (best practices). TRICK! You never want to put all of your candy into one basket when it comes to metrics. When you focus solely on improving … Read more ›

Role Addresses and Their Effect on Email Deliverability

role addresses

The data that follows was collected and analyzed by Victor Amin of SendGrid’s Big Data team and summarized by Jacob Hansen from the Delivery team. When marketers are deciding what criteria they should use to measure the health or potential deliverability success of their email address list, we know that it is hard to narrow down that decision to just … Read more ›