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Yahoo DMARC Update

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You may already know that has a DMARC policy in place that prevents mail with in the from address from being delivered if it is sent from outside Yahoo’s infrastructure. Yahoo is expanding this policy to their lower-volume Yahoo international domains below on Mar 28, 2016. The list of domains that will become unusable is as follows:   … Read more ›

5 Email Deliverability Tips from SendGrid Experts

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We recently published SendGrid’s 2016 Email Deliverability Guide that was written by two of our in-house Delivery Consultants: Luke Martinez and Taylor Ferguson. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you check it out. In this post, they’ve answered a few questions about common email misconceptions and what they look at when evaluating customer email programs: ... Read more ›

Email’s a Stage: A Look Behind The Curtain of Your Email Program

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Email's a Stage
After a busy February that included a conference focused on reducing email abuse, teaching an “email delivery bootcamp” class at SendGrid, and delivering a few successful onsite delivery consulting sessions with clients, I was reminded that the terminology and overall larger ideas of email and delivery best practices aren’t so easily understood. What really seemed to stick throughout these different engagements was an analogy of how the world of email is closely related to that of a live theater setting. All pieces of an email program, similar to the pieces of a great show, must all be in proper working order to get the best desired result. ... Read more ›

SendGrid’s 2016 Email Deliverability Guide

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Whether it’s transactional or marketing email, or if you’re sending 100 or 100 million emails a month, making sure your messages are getting to your recipients is essential for any business. SendGrid’s Email Deliverability Guide has always been the best resource for improving deliverability, and we’ve improved it for 2016. ReturnPath’s 2015 Deliverability Benchmark Report recently stated that 21% of … Read more ›

Your Top Email A/B Testing Questions, Answered

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Email Testing

We had a flood of great questions come in at the end of our webcast Stellar Email Marketing: A/B Testing and CTAs that our presenters Carly Brantz and Jillian Wohlfarth didn’t have time to answer. If you missed it, Jillian answered the CTA focused questions in her latest post and to wrap everything up, Carly answered the A/B testing questions for us below! Q. … Read more ›

Learning From Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Discounts in Your Subject Lines

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Chart of engagement with subject lines that have discounts.

According to The Washington Post, email marketing drove 25% of all online sales on Black Friday. Meanwhile, PracticalEcommerce is reporting that email advertisements accounted for 22% of Cyber Monday orders. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday happened a couple months ago, SendGrid’s Data Scientist, Victor Amin, has been looking at the marketing email SendGrid delivered during the largest shopping … Read more ›

5 CAN-SPAM Myths & Best Practices: From a Lawyer’s POV

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As a lawyer, one of my favorite party tricks is to correct people who misquote the law. I don’t get invited to many parties. In casual conversation around our busiest SendGrid office, I often hear misstatements of the law, particularly the relevant CAN-SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing enacted in 2003) and I’ll start the awkward … Read more ›

Dear Gmail: Our Google Postmaster Tools Wish List

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Dear Gmail Team, ‘Tis the season for sharing and giving thanks, and SendGrid’s anti-spam team extends a heart-felt “thank you” for the data you share with us via Google’s Spam Feedback Loop (FBL) and the Google Postmaster Tools. The data is actionable and helps us identify unwanted mail that other spam detection systems miss. Your feedback and reputation metrics help … Read more ›