Falcon, Fluentd, and Event Webhook


A couple of weeks ago I came across a new python web framework called Falcon. I was quickly impressed with its ease of use and most importantly this fragment: It doesn’t try to be everything to everyone, focusing instead on a single use case: HTTP APIs. I decided to build a simple server that will consume data […]

SendGrid’s Secret Santa & Friends

holiday gift

Many of you have have probably participated in X-Mas Gift Exchanges. If not, we should solve that! Here at SendGrid, we use Elfster and it works great. My friends and I have been doing an alcohol exchange recently. I thought this was a simple problem to hack on and use some of the SendGrid features. […]

A Gopher Attends PythonBrasil[10]

Community, Events

A few weeks ago, I found myself arriving in Recife, Brazil for PythonBrasil[10]. I had the time of my life and met extremely bad ass people over there. I also met people whom I now call friends, and I’ll try to highlight some of my favorite things from the experience below. PythonBrasil consists of workshops, talks, […]

Friends, Android, and Libraries

SendGrid Android library

Do you remember when you started going to hackathons or just basically started to do cool stuff? I remember it very clearly. In those days I gained a very dear friend, Daniel Santiago. Every so often I bug him with Java/Android stuff since he is a baller Android Developer. My questions were usually about adding […]

Hacking Health With SendGrid and SMS


I’m trying to drink more water starting today. There are several reasons behind it, but the top one is to make my mom happy. Mothers are somewhat hard to please. At least mine is… I’ve attempted this in the past, but it didn’t end up well. In my first attempt, I had alarms set up […]

SendGrid <3 Students

high five

Here at SendGrid we are huge advocates of community. Therefore, when John Britton reached out regarding joining their new student initiative, Student Development Pack, we all got suuuuper excited!     SendGrid’s Accelerate.EDU Package Today’s students are building the next generation of innovative apps and we want to help provide them with the tools they need to […]

JSON Web Tokens (Again!) and Koa.js


A few weeks ago, I wrote about using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) as an alternative method of authentication using Go. The post itself contains a basic explanation about JWT and some links for content. In this post, I want to cover pretty much the same things using Koa, a new framework for Node.js. Koa is mostly […]

Gophers can haz A/B Testing in Transactional Email

Partnerships, Technical

How much do you know about the awesome folks @SendWithUs? Here @SendGrid, we’re huge fans, and quite frankly friends, of theirs. They provide an amazing service: A/B testing for transactional email templates! If you haven’t heard from them and you are a SendGrid customer, today is your lucky day since we have a partnership that […]

Gist Me Please?


Do you find yourself writing technical blog posts in Markdown and exporting them to HTML? Do you end up writing GitHub Flavored Markdown and then exporting to blocks or something similar? I know I used to do that quite often. Thats the reason I created Propagandist. Propagandist is a simple tool which will parse out […]

Hackathons, Template Engine, and I


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know that SendGrid released Transactional Templates recently. I’ve been using them for a while, specifically for my API demos. It makes it super simple for me to customize emails for a specific school or crowd on the fly without touching any code. With Transactional Templates […]

Tokens & More Tokens! An Intro to JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in Go


Recently, my buddies from Blimp piqued my interest about JSON Web Tokens (JWT). You can find very detailed specs about it here and here. In this post, I want to guide you through implementing the equivalent of sessions, but with JWT. The traditional session approach usually requires the client to store some sort of value in its […]

An Intro to Scala and Sending Email in the JVM via SendGrid

scala logo

SendGrid and the Java Virtual Marketplace Are you a Java developer looking to use the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in different ways like Clojure? If you’re looking into Scala, then this post might be able to help you out. Scala runs in the JVM. If you weren’t aware, all of your Java code can run in […]