How to Warm Up an IP

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Updated and republished from 1/13/2011.

For more information on warming up IPs and setting up your email infrastructure, download SendGrid’s Ultimate Email Infrastructure Guide for free.

The New Hotness (err…Warmness) – What, Why, and How of the IP Warm-up Process

Whether you are new to the email game or an accomplished vet, you have probably run across the idea of warming up an IP (Internet Protocol) address to improve delivery performance. Since we often find ourselves explaining the ins and outs of the IP warm-up process to current and prospective customers, we figured we would write a post to explain the basics. Below, we ask and answer four basic questions to explore and explain the topic.

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Colorado: Entrepreneurial by Nature

Entrepreneurial by Nature

In the spirit and excitement of Denver Startup Week, we’d like to bring your attention to a grassroots effort that is building within the state we call home (or at least one of our homes!). As we’ve personally experienced since coming to Colorado in 2009, entrepreneurship has become a huge part of the Colorado business ecosystem. […]

API Hackday To Make Denver Debut

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API Hackday is a series of hackathons that began in the fall of 2010 and has now visited over 15 cities across the globe. Next Saturday, October 27, API Hackday is making its Denver debut, as part of the city’s inaugural Startup Week. API Hackday was created and is organized by three of the most […]

Making Money With Lifecycle Emails

Guest Post
Money in Mailbox

Patrick McKenzie, founder of Kalzumeus Software, has been a happy SendGrid customer since 2010. We invited him to blog about some advanced techniques for using email, which he developed to sell his software and that of his consulting clients. Newsletters get all the press in email marketing, but lifecycle emails are where much of the […]

Application Developers Alliance Comes to Boulder to Talk Privacy


Earlier this year, we met the folks at the Application Developers Alliance, and we were immediately stoked about their mission: “We are a non-profit industry group founded to serve developers, the people who power and expand the world through software. We work to ensure that developers have the tools, network, and policy environment they need to innovate. […]

Young Rewired State: Coding a Better WORLD

hackers gonna hack

As I wrote last week, I spent the week in England, witnessing something very special that’s been happening there for one week a year, for the past four years. That “something” is different and awe inspiring, and it is called Young Rewired State. If you didn’t catch my post from last week, here’s your chance […]

Young Rewired State: Empowering Young Minds To Do Great Things

Young Rewired State - Manchester Centre, The MadLab

Young Rewired State is awesome. I’ll back up that statement below, but I encourage you to learn more for yourself about what creates said awesomeness: check out Rewired State, the organization that put “Young” in front of its name and decided to do more for the youngsters – technical geniuses under the age of 19 […]

London Hackers Bring Home the Gold at API Hackday

Hackday API Demos Kick off the day

As Adria forecasted in a post last week, the API Hackday crew brought our hackety fun to the UK for the first time…and the London developer community did not disappoint! A large group of excited hackers showed up bright and early on Saturday morning, ready for a full day of mashing APIs. It was an incredibly talented […]

We’re Geeks…and We Love Planes.

Geeks on a Plane [illustration by]


Geeks on a Plane [illustration by]

A few months ago, I gladly took advantage of a rare opportunity to participate in a special adventure called Geeks on a Plane – thanks to our dear friends at 500 Startups!  #GOAP, as it’s fondly referred to on the twitters, is a brilliantly devised plan to take America’s most intrepid startup enthusiasts to various regions around the world, with the goal of facilitating the exploration of the many unique startup communities planet Earth has to offer. Read More ›

Why Legitimate App Email is Mistaken For Spam

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Do you ever get reports from your customers that “this email” or “that email” was never received? Chances are, your answer is an emphatic “Yes”, but rest assured – you’re not alone. In fact, the open “secret” of email communications is that nearly 20% of legitimate email is never delivered to the intended inbox. Overall, more than half of all email sent is considered to be abusive or illegitimate. So, what do these unfortunate statistics have to do with your business?

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Supporting Veterans in Entrepreneurship

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Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs

Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs

SendGrid is proud to partner with the Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs for a special event titled “Why are Veterans Excellent Entrepreneurs?” This dinner and networking event will bring together business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, and media, along with special guest speakers to spark conversation on the valuable contributions Veterans bring to the entrepreneurial community. The event is next week, so sign up today!

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