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Job Searching for Dev Bootcamp Graduates

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The following is a guest post from SendGrid engineer Jeffrey Matthias. As a graduate of Dev Bootcamp, I am often asked for advice as fellow graduates begin their first job search. Admittedly, it can be a daunting task, perhaps harder than the bootcamp itself. Your New Job: Find a Job You want to get a job working full time as a developer? Landing that job is your new job. I don’t care what the situation is, plan to spend at least 40 hours a week on finding work and keeping your skills up. Don’t go too crazy beyond that, as it needs to be sustainable. It took me three months after leaving Dev Bootcamp to land a job at SendGrid, Read More ›

I’m Not Great at Technical Interviews. How I Got Hired.

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This post comes from Sr. Software Engineer Sam Nguyen. I’m not great at on-the-spot thinking, so I’m handicapped off-the-bat in technical interviews — especially when I have to code on a white board. I’m at my best when I have time to prepare in advance. Last year I discovered a method which played to my strengths and landed me a job that I love. The Briefcase Technique In 2012, I took a course on how to start a business called Earn One Thousand Dollars On The Side by Ramit Sethi, a business consultant. His headlines come off really scammy, but it turns out he gives very practical advice grounded in research. One of the negotiation methods he teaches is The Read More ›

“Count My Reps” With SendGrid’s Parse Webhook


The following is a guest post from Seth Ammons, software engineer, at SendGrid. As part of our Movember initiative and in support of SendGrid’s overall health and wellness, Seth has spearheaded a campaign to keep his co-workers active using our Parse Webhook. Seth explains below. SendGrid has a focus on something called the “Four Hs” by which we abide: Honesty, Humility, Hunger, and Happiness. We look for talented people who exhibit these traits (check out our careers page, we’re hiring!). But there is also a fifth “H” that has developed: SendGrid promotes activity and keeping people healthy. Two years ago, in an act to promote men’s health awareness during Movember, I threw together a quick website to help fellow SendGriddians keep Read More ›

How We Dogfood in SendGrid Engineering

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This post comes from Sr. Software Engineer Sam Nguyen. At SendGrid, we send hundreds of millions of emails every day and the traffic keeps on growing. Recently, we worked with one of our major high-volume customers who were starting to push our mail sending API service to its limits. We had to figure out how help them send more email, faster. To identify areas for improvement, we turned to — a project of SendGrid Labs — to benchmark performance before, during and after the optimization process. Within seconds of starting a benchmark, can spin up 10,000 concurrent clients to hit your service. By turning this tool built for external developers around on our own internal code, we were Read More ›

Why I Teach Programming to My Co-Workers


The following is a guest post from SendGrid engineer Jeffrey Matthias Every Wednesday and Thursday during lunch hour you can find me teaching an introductory programming class in one of SendGrid’s Colorado offices. More than once I’ve been asked about my reasons for volunteering to do this, which has led me to reflect on the Ruby community, the SendGrid culture and the value of being open with ideas and information. A year ago I was struggling as an industrial designer. There’s a vibrant maker community growing on the Internet, but the industrial design world is old school. If someone comes up with a new process or design, they either hold onto it tightly or charge you for the privilege of Read More ›