Email Your Goals Using Ruby, Google Docs, SendGrid, and


With the New Year fast approaching, you, like me, may be considering your goals for the upcoming year. For me, the hardest part about goals is remembering them. I’ll often make them and forget I did. So rather than buy echinacea, I decided to write a hack! The hack, which I’m calling Daily Goals, emails […]

You’re Pricing Out The Evangelist


In the past, evangelists have been central to hackathons, a large group of helpful people meandering the event doing all they can to make the event better for the people there. Recently, however, I attended a hackathon where I was the only mentor wandering the event, the only one to stay past 3am, and one […]

Repeat Yourself, Then Say It Again

Best Practices

This comes from a talk I’m giving today at DevBeat (and a webinar I gave last month), it explores a key point of the talk in more depth. Don’t Repeat Yourself. It’s a rule you learn nearly the instant you start programming. As a coder, you feel dirty whenever you find repetitive code. You want […]

An Atypical Hackathon That Did It Right


This weekend I attended a hackathon in Spokane, WA. In many ways it was the best hackathon I’ve attended this year, but compared to the typical hackathon of late it was all wrong. We were served pizza, sandwiches, and Costco muffins, rather than burritos, sliders, and artisan breakfast sandwiches. No beer was served. We couldn’t […]

Yahoo Header Counteracts Email Address Recycling

Best Practices, Technical

Yahoo Mail has started recycling email addresses. This led to a host of security and privacy concerns. As senders of transactional email, this was particularly scary to us, as we know our customers send privileged email every day, messages they wouldn’t want getting into the wrong hands. Luckily, Yahoo has given a way to counteract […]

How I Explained Hackathons to My Parents

Company, Events

As a developer evangelist, I end up attending a lot of hackathons. I have a ton of fun at these events, helping attendees get their apps working and writing code of my own. My parents were very excited to learn about SendGrid and what Developer Evangelism is, but telling my parents, that “I love going […]

Fingerprinting Email Infrastructure Companies

Company, Technical

Since you’re reading the SendGrid blog, it probably won’t surprise you many companies turn to email infrastructure services to send their email, rather than building your own. As an employee of one of these infrastructure companies, I’m always interested in finding out what company is behind the email getting sent. To do this I wrote […]

How I Explained Developer Evangelism to My Parents


SendGrid makes it really easy for programmers to make applications that send email. In fact, we’ve made it so easy that we send over eight billion emails a month! Developer evangelism is a rapidly growing and emerging trend amongst tech companies. I regularly meet people in startup land, who have not heard the term. Needless […]

Five Out-of-the-Box Uses Of Email in Apps

Best Practices

I get really excited about email. Not because I work at an email infrastructure company, but because email is a universal interface. Everyone with a computer knows how to use it. Meaning both my eighty year old grandmother and my ten year old cousin can communicate with me using the same protocol. I can choose to […]

BattleHacking My First Hackathon as a Developer Evangelist


Late last month I attended my first hackathon as an official SendGrid Developer Evangelist, PayPal’s BattleHack New York. I have attended hackathons before and I even represented SendGrid at Hack4Colorado as part of my interview process. But this was my first time solo, with our New York-based evangelist at another event. This was also a […]

SendGrid Hops Aboard The DOer Express to International Startup Fest

International Startup Fest

A tour bus full of founders, business people, and programmers all sat silent in Downtown Manhattan at 8:00am, mentally preparing for two days of pitching, networking and making connections that could launch their early stage startups to success. SendGrid, Twilio and Microsoft recently partnered to bring eleven startups from New York City to Montreal for […]