APIs: Perfection Vs. Reality

Product, Technical
When releasing email API endpoints at SendGrid, we’ve learned that in our ideal world, where our customers greet us with open arms and warm hugs, isn’t always reality. This isn’t to say that customers don’t love what we’re doing, but we’ve learned valuable lessons about testing, validating, and communicating with customers before taking new endpoints live. Read More ›

Using a Prototype as an API Product Specification


As the Developer Experience Product Manager at SendGrid, I am tasked with identifying opportunities, features, and products that involve our API. One thing I have been working on is identifying methods to make communicating my product ideas to the other PMs, Engineers, and customers more effective. I have learned that a monolithic Product Requirements Document […]

The Trouble with Tech Debt and Information Debt

tech debt

It might be weird to imagine, but the first things that come to mind when I think of tech debt and information debt is Star Trek and cats. Specifically, I think of tribbles and wrangling kittens. You might think this is a total stretch, but let me explain… Tribbles are basically little fluff balls that […]

Help Contribute to SendGrid’s Open Source Documentation


I have been the documentation developer at SendGrid for a couple weeks now. I was hired to organize and improve the customer facing documentation from a content, engagement, and functional perspective. The outpouring of excitement for enhancing our documentation is absolutely amazing. Everyone I have talked to has willingly offered their time and knowledge to […]