Test SendGrid Webhooks with ngrok

Best Practices, Technical

SendGrid’s webhooks for inbound parse (receiving email) and events are great for hacking with, but they can be difficult to test in a productive manner because you have to keep deploying your code to the live server in order to get our webhooks to hit it, right? Wrong. In this post I’m going to show […]

Oh, Cardless: My Business Card Email App

Events, Product, Technical
Screengrab of Martyn's use of Oh, Cardless

Due to a recent printing fail, I’ve found myself without any business cards and I’m about to head out to How To Web in Bucharest for 3 days where I’m certain I’ll meet a few folks who ask for my details. Luckily, I work for a company that makes sending and receiving emails from an […]

21 cities, 11 countries, One Year as a Developer Evangelist


Friday 27th July 2012 was the day I concluded the interview process for the role of Developer Evangelist at SendGrid. After talking with all of the team and the VP of Marketing, my final ‘chat’ was a late afternoon call with CEO Jim Franklin. An interview that will stay with me because we hardly talked […]

Handy Little Library to Check Legit Email Domains

Best Practices, Product, Technical

Maintaining good sending practices is key to ensuring your reputation with ISPs remains high and your emails get through in a timely manner Our sending practices documentation states: Typos happen. Pre-screen the email addresses you collect before you send the invitation. Ensure addresses are syntactically correct, and that the domain part of the address has […]

Join the Queues Using Messaging and SendGrid

Partnerships, Product, Technical

When building applications there are often many tasks you require your user to perform that can take up quite a lot of time. Processing avatar images, preparing large files for download or importing data from a series of connected accounts are all tasks that, whilst they might be essential, should feel quick and seamless for […]

Launch48 Weekend Proves Birmingham (UK) is Ready to Blast Off


After stops in Sheffield and Newcastle in an attempt to get better insight into what is happening in tech and startups outside of London, my tour of the UK continued this weekend with a stop off in Birmingham to sponsor and mentor the Launch48 Weekend being held at Aston University. What is Launch48? Launch48 run […]

Process SendGrid Events in Real-time with TempoDB

Product, Technical

If you’re a SendGrid customer you will no doubt have taken a look around your statistics dashboard a few times. It’s great isn’t it? Being able to get such a granular view of what’s happening with the email you send through us. I’m fascinated by statistics and analytics so when I stumbled upon Techstars Cloud […]

What’s Forging Now in England’s ‘Steel City’?


One of the really great parts about being a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid is getting to meet with companies when they’re just a touch more than an idea. I get to do this a lot thanks to the SendGrid Accelerate programme that supports accelerators, startup incubators and co-working spaces around the world. Along with providing […]

Devs Battle in Amsterdam to be Kings of Code


Following on from Tim’s post about our hackathon adventuring in Europe over the past week, it’s my turn to highlight some of the excellence that came out of our time at the Kings of Code ‘Hack Battle’ during The Next Web conference that took place last week in Amsterdam. After taking the rather scenic train […]

Command-lining SendGrid for Developer Productivity

Product, Technical

I’m pretty bad at letting things break my flow. Twitter, Hacker News, the actual news, buying tech I don’t need; all things that are likely to happen if I leave my editor and head into the browser. Those tabs are just too damn easy to click on. Inspired by other developers and my fellow developer […]