Fast Food Code Challenge: Taco Bell + SendGrid

sendgrid_taco bell

At SendGrid we love our customers and I personally love Taco Bell. So it makes me proud to say that we power the email receipts of Taco Bell’s new mobile application! I thought I would let my colleagues take a break and I’ll take on the hard task of reviewing Taco Bell’s new app. I […]

Code Challenge: Fun with Mashape and SendGrid


In my penultimate post for the Code Challenge series, I’m putting a spotlight on Mashape. You can check out the list of all my posts in my introduction to the Code Challenge. Mashape is an API hub that has tons of APIs that are perfect for SendGrid mash-ups. In this post I wanted to go […]

Code Challenge: The SendGrid Event Webhook + Firebase


Creating a Real-Time Email Event Feed There was a bit of a break in my 15 Days of Code Challenge over the holidays, but I’m back to finish the last three. Today, I’ve created a real-time email event feed by using SendGrid’s own Event Webhook, Firebase, and a couple other tools. Check out the tutorial […]

Code Challenge: Listen to Incoming Emails with Twilio

Product, Technical

A lot of cars now provide you with Bluetooth connections to your mobile phone. This gives you the ability to play music from your phone as well as make and answer phone calls. This made me think, what if we could extend this ability to listen and respond to incoming emails? I found it’s actually […]

Code Challenge: Adventures in VIM


As developers, we all use different text editors when writing code. This post isn’t meant to say VIM is better than emacs, sublime, etc. VIM is just the editor I switched to a while back, and I wanted to go through some awesome resources that I’ve use to become a better “VIMMER.” For this post, […]

Code Challenge: Using Charles Proxy to Debug Mobile Apps


As an evangelist, I get to interact with developers all over the world. A common tool that I see used a lot is Charles Proxy. Its used by almost all types of mobile developers for debugging. I’ve personally heard a lot about it, but never had the chance to play around with it until now. […]

Code Challenge: Building a Hello World Apple iWatch App


While the Apple iWatch hasn’t been released yet, they have released WatchKit, so developers can start creating applications. For this post, I created a video that will walk you through building a watch application that displays the text “Hello World” after a button is pressed. I would also recommend reading the first post in this […]

Code Challenge: Intro to Twitter’s


A couple weeks ago I watched a couple of talks on Twitter’s new product Fabric ( It’s a collection of tools to make mobile developers’ lives easier. According to their documentation, Fabric is more specifically a “set of mobile development tools called ‘Kits’ that help you make your app more stable, add social features like […]

Code Challenge: Intro to tmux


Say no to tabs and yes to panes when developing For today’s post in the Code Challenge series, I’m giving an intro on tmux. As a Developer Evangelist, showing code is the best way to get developers interested in how easy it is to integrate the SendGrid API. When you’re up in front of a […]