Articles by Heitor Sergent

Heitor is a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Passionate about hackathons, games and entrepeneurship.

Hackathon: To Theme or Not to Theme?


Hackathons are already a giant movement worldwide, especially in the US and now in Europe with the recent launch of the MLH season in that region. They’ve been growing more and more in South America as people, communities, and companies are exposed to them and see the value in helping and organizing. A common question that hackathon organizers ask me Read more ›

Double Opt-In Email With Node.js


To get a good reputation as a sender, one of the email best practices we encourage our users to implement is the double opt-in. It’s actually a very simple practice: after a user gives you his/her email, you store their information with an authentication token and a boolean variable. The authentication token is just a randomly generated value. After the user Read more ›

NSLog(@”Updated iOS Library”)


Most ESPs make sending email through their services super easy. On top of that, we at SendGrid have libraries for most languages/frameworks like, Node, C#, Java, etc. Last year Kunal Batra created the Objective-C library, and we had great feedback from a lot of people saying how easy it was to use. During the past couple weeks I spent some Read more ›

Productivity Tools for Work-Life Balance

Unending paper

Working smart is part of any job. As a developer evangelist, I have to play multiple roles, and there are some tools that I always rely on to help me do a better/faster job. Here are some of them, and hopefully they can also be of use to you. Email Tools Boomerang Boomerang for Gmail is a Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension that Read more ›

Animated GIFs Inside Your Inbox


Want to bring a smile to your face? Try sending yourself an animated GIF. Once a sign of Web 1.0, these graphics are now such a form of expression that there’s a startup just to search them. In this post, I’ll show you how to use an API to find GIFs and the SendGrid Inbound Parse Webhook to request specific Read more ›

Developer Organizers of Brazil Unite

sao paulo

I’m a developer. I try to be an active member of the developer community, in Brazil and the surrounding region. I wrote a Latin America year in review about the unique opportunities and challenges in my community. There aren’t as many developer events here and we need to change that. Much of my role at SendGrid is finding out what Read more ›

How to Help your Local Developer Community


Part of being a developer evangelist is helping support and nurture the local community. When you’re just starting something new, like developing in a new language, starting your own company, or even starting a new habit like reading a book every week, being a part of a community can be the difference between having a great…or having an awesome experience. Read more ›

Latin America Developer Ecosystem: A Year in Review

sao paulo

Four months ago I started working for SendGrid as a Developer Evangelist in Latin America. It was a big challenge to take on, and I’ve been in touch with more people than I can count in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Here are some of the challenges I’ve been facing and my impressions about them: Hackathons Hackathons have been Read more ›

Send Email From Your Unity Game


There’s a huge opportunity for email games, as I wrote in a previous post. There’s also a need for email within games. Unity is a popular tool for publishing multi-platform games. But what about sending email from Unity? I decided to share how I did this with SendGrid. When you’re developing in Unity you can use either C#, Javascript, or Read more ›

Find Email Games in Your Inbox

Company, Technical
A crazy game of chess

Since my early days I’ve been a fan of games. Besides having fun and exploring fantasy worlds, they have basically taught me English, and I bet they improved my rational thinking and hand-eye coordination, amongst other things. My passion for games didn’t just stop at playing them. Before joining SendGrid I was developing games for a living. I made some Read more ›

A Day at a Hackathon as a Developer Evangelist

Ping pong at API Hackday Denver

I had a lot of experience participating at hackathons, but not too many participating as a Developer Evangelist. Last month’s API Hackday Denver edition was my first time representing SendGrid. I thought that the event, which took place at our Denver offices, would be an interesting glimpse into how the typical hack day goes by for us. 6am – Waking Read more ›

How to Win a Hackathon (or Increase Your Odds)

Photo by Adam Goode

Though I am a new SendGrid developer evangelist for Latin America, before landing the job I attended a lot of hackathons. That track record was a big part of me getting the job. I have competed in more than 10 hackathons in the past years, winning prizes at several. I even took first place at Evernote’s hackathon and The Next Read more ›