Joining the PHP Parade


I can’t say I was excited to learn PHP, but after the previous maintainer of our library went on to become the new Commissioner of Major League Hacking, it fell on my plate. Growing up (read while in school), PHP was not viewed as the hip and hot language to be writing, but quite the […]

Why HackRU Is My Favorite Hackathon


My all-time favorite hackathon took place this past weekend at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Now, I’m definitely biased this being my alma mater and all (plus having helped plan and run it for a year and a half :P) so please keep that in mind with what follows. Here are a few things […]

The Magic Behind Basic HTTP Authentication


  It’s very easy to take things for granted as a developer. We almost always try and use libraries for every and anything to not reinvent the wheel. As I continue to grow, I find myself with a desire to dig deeper and understand the “black boxes” I’ve come to know. Recently, a beginner friend […]

The SendGrid Ruby Gem and My Mama!


A sample of the things I love are, Ruby, webhooks, and my mama! In this post, I’m putting all of them together! Let’s start with how excited SendGrid is to announce the release of the official SendGrid Ruby Gem, sendgrid-ruby! The library includes the smtpapi-ruby library created by our friend Wataru Sato of SendGrid Japan. […]

Tips and Tricks for a Beginner Developer Evangelist (Part 2)


In my previous post, I talked to a few colleagues about the tips and tricks they would give me as a beginning Developer Evangelist. The first tips were from evangelists outside of SendGrid, while this set is from my fellow SendGrid team members. Whether it’s about attitude, tech, travel, or life in general, I gathered […]

Chef: A View from the Infrastructure Kitchen


Chef is something we use quite a bit here at SendGrid. If you’re not too familiar with it, Chef is an open source tool written in Ruby and created by Opscode that allows you to manage your infrastructure as code. Infrastructure as code? What does that mean? Well in this case infrastructure refers to servers […]