Articles by Brian Toresdahl

Brian is one of SendGrid’s watchful compliance agents, helping make the world just a little bit better by making sure spam doesn’t come from SendGrid. He is also a member of SendGrid’s data science group, using email data to make everyone’s email experience better.

Link Shorteners Are Great…But Not For Email

Best Practices

If you’re using social media, you’ve seen links such as and that end up redirecting to some website. These are called URL shorteners. They provide useful click data, limit the character count a link takes up, and “beautify” what may otherwise be a long, clunky-looking url. While these link shorteners are great when character count is important, they don’t have a place in email. Why? It’s simple: Spammers Use Them Too Spammers abuse link shorteners because they mask the true URL that they redirect to. This has caused even reputable link shorteners to become blacklisted, since link shorteners are so often associated with spamming. If the links you provide in your emails are blacklisted, ISPs will probably block Read More ›