How to Write a Speaking Proposal for a Tech Conference


It’s conference season. Developers looking to meet others and share their knowledge may be considering talk proposals. Speaking at a conference is great experience and makes for efficient networking, as well. A speaking slot tends to be good for your employer and your own brand alike. If you haven’t done much speaking, writing proposals can […]

Parse Webhook Guide: Make Email a Two Way Street

Best Practices

When you think about email in your applications, chances are you first think of sending email. SendGrid has email deliverability covered. In addition to sending email through SendGrid, you can also receive it using the incoming Parse Webhook. Using this feature, you can make your applications interactive by inviting replies and reacting without the user […]

Tips to Embrace Your Developer Community


Despite being a fairly young company, SendGrid has a long tradition of working directly with our community. Director of Developer Relations Tim Falls was among the first employees and had the title of “community guy” for much of his tenure. The developer evangelists have written many blog posts about community and they boil down to […]

Email Productivity Hacks Powered By SendGrid


We all spend a lot of our lives in our email clients. I know it’s the nervous system of my life. Everything flows through email, which makes it a good choice for improving your productivity. Below you’ll find a handful of apps and hacks that use email to help you remember people, finish projects, achieve […]

Proactively Remove Unengaged Email Addresses

Best Practices, Technical

Avoiding the spam folder is about more than the content of your email and responding to unsubscribes. While those are still important, a growing factor in whether your email gets to the inbox is how much the people you send to want to receive your email. In other words, if you remove the recipients who […]

Let Someone Else Write 80% of Your App


When was the last time you walked through a room full of servers humming? For most developers, it’s been awhile, if ever. The complexity of running servers has been abstracted into Infrastructure-as-a-service and even Platform-as-a-service offerings. It’s going further, as developers are able to focus on the core features of their apps and not on […]

Event Webhook Guide: The Next Level of Email Sophistication

Best Practices

It takes more than opt-ins and good content to build a successful email program. You need to make sure every recipient wants to get your email, which means paying close attention to engagement levels. With email providers watching bounce, spam, open and click rates, you should be too. SendGrid’s Event Webhook helps our customers reach […]

Should Everybody Learn to Program?

Sphero programming

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg famously announced his intention to learn to code in 2012. It became a symbol of an entire movement where previously non-technical people take the plunge into programming’s logical waters. We have written before about building a conceptual framework and even what programming language to learn, but haven’t really talked about […]

Weekend Hacking to Money, Miles and Merit

Events, Guest Post

The following is a guest post from SendGrid engineer Kien Pham Our developer evangelists trot the globe attending many hackathons, among other events. Most engineers at SendGrid spend the majority of our time nearer to home, working on the products. In my spare time I’ve enjoyed attending those same events the evangelists know so well, […]

Three Tools for Making Sense of Event Data

Product, Technical
Photo by Adam Goode

One of the best things about APIs is they can inspire entire third party ecosystems. The SendGrid Event API can be used in a number of ways, from inferring engagement to dashboards. It’s multi-purpose because it’s simply a firehose of data on all the email you’re sending. The three tools below are just a few […]