Are You Taking Good Care of Your Children?

Are You Taking Good Care of Your Children?

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Group of ChildrenNo, I’m not getting personal. I’m talking about child accounts. If you send email on behalf of your customers, you can use SendGrid and our Subuser API to manage child accounts, and give your customers the same benefits you enjoy with SendGrid.

Here are the highlights:

  • Subusers share the same overall credit pool but have their own unique SMTP credentials, settings, statistics, and site login.
  • Simply send mail through a Subuser account using that account’s SMTP credentials to send mail rather than the parent account credentials.
  • Grant customers access to our APIs so they can further customer their experience.
  • Actively manage bounce records, spam reports, invalid emails and unsubscribes so you can provide a higher level of support to your customers. Even, get sample messages to ensure they are sending legitimate email.
  • Set account limits by managing the rate of emails subusers can send.

An added benefit of the SendGrid platform is whitelabeling. With this feature, emails look like they come from your customers (not you) so you can safeguard their brand image without compromising the reliability of their email messages. You can even put each client on separate IPs to ensure integrity of the email streams.

Want to learn more about what our APIs can do for your business? Download the SendGrid API Guide to find out.

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