At the end of February, SendGrid had the honor of attending and co-sponsoring Heroku’s flagship developer event, Waza, in San Francisco. We were thrilled to be a part of an event dedicated to inspiring developers to bring creativity to their coding.

The emphasis on art and technique was evident in the event’s décor, food, and various session talks. It’s not every day that you get to discuss Ruby techniques while learning the art of origami! Other activities like quilting, printmaking, and bookbinding were designed to bring new technical artistry out of the attendees. Check out photos from the event to see what we mean.

This was a particularly special event for SendGrid because of our partnership with Heroku. It gave us the opportunity to meet with other add-ons and system integrators to better understand the depth of Heroku’s ecosystem.

We also hosted an Arduino workshop for all attendees where we were able to counter the creative workshops with some open source hardware demonstrations. The event’s set up allowed Swift and Brandon from our Dev Relations team to be really hands on with their fellow developers. The crowd of developers at our station was eager to get started hours before our actual session kicked-off and was 3-4 people deep at times until we finally needed to wrap it up for happy hour.

Nothing feels better than seeing other developers get as excited about this stuff as we do. We were really blown away by the response to the workshop and by how much people love to mess around with hardware. It was great to see some of the attendees go from “what’s an Arduino?” to having a working circuit being controlled by software at the end of the session. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out the workshop on Github.

We couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Heroku and to have been able to participate in such a unique event. To learn more about our partnerships, check out our Partners page and keep updated on where you can find our Dev Rel team on the road next through our Event Calendar.

Jillian Wohlfarth
As SendGrid's Director of Content, Jillian is responsible for ensuring that SendGrid provides valuable thought leadership content through the blog, whitepapers, webcasts, and more. When not writing and editing, you can find Jillian frequenting Denver restaurants in search of the best queso.