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Over the past few years, Appboy has worked closely with premier email provider, SendGrid, to establish a seamless integration between our industry-leading Mobile Marketing Automation solution and SendGrid’s email delivery platform, providing Appboy users with powerful email capabilities.

Partnership Benefits

Because we recognize the importance and benefit of tying in email to your mobile marketing efforts, we’re pleased to announce the growth of our ongoing relationship with SendGrid, the leading delivery platform for email that matters.

Relying on Appboy for email has never been a better decision—applying comprehensive customer data and behavior to messages, and using SendGrid’s industry-best inbox deliverability will not only help your mobile, but overall business strategy. A key benefit of this partnership to SendGrid customers is that they are now able to utilize Appboy for Mobile Marketing Automation and SendGrid for their comprehensive email needs by connecting their existing SendGrid email account seamlessly with Appboy.

Client Results

Appboy clients who currently take advantage of email as part of our robust mobile messaging solution already know that sending it through our platform is easy and effective. By applying Appboy-powered tools like personalization to their emails, clients such as Photobucket have achieved record-setting revenue and seen their open rates double.

By leveraging the comprehensive data captured in our robust user profiles, in concert with Appboy’s best-in-category tracking, retargeting, and multi-channel messaging capabilities, our email offering moves the needle in a significant, coordinated, data-driven way.

Partnership Details

Now, as a result of the increased alignment between SendGrid and Appboy, our customers can effortlessly take advantage of SendGrid’s sophisticated email tools, freeing them to spend their time improving and customizing their marketing campaigns rather than worrying about complex processes like IP warming and maintenance.

In addition, our expanded relationship will make it easier for hundreds of thousands of SendGrid’s email customers to access Appboy’s platform, simplifying the process of creating, sending, and optimizing their campaigns while also enabling them to take advantage of our vast array of advanced Mobile Marketing Automation features, including personalization, sending via Intelligent Delivery and more.

The strengthening of Appboy’s relationship with SendGrid demonstrates our continued dedication to scaling effectively while remaining agile and responsive to our significant base of existing clients. In light of Appboy’s rapidly growing number of enterprise clients, including iHeartMedia, EPIX, Bauer Media Group, and Urban Outfitters, this expanded relationship couldn’t be better timed.

For more information about email marketing and how Appboy can help you leverage this important channel as part of a comprehensive messaging campaign, visit Appboy Academy and check out our Email Best Practices.

About the author: Matt McRoberts helps lead Appboy Partnerships and Channel Development and is specifically focused on building enterprise value through strategic alliances.

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