We are excited to announce the public launch of SendGrid Marketing Campaigns—an entirely new marketing email feature set from SendGrid.



Email Marketing Evolution

We launched our first marketing email service two years ago. At the time, we built it to enable developers to give their marketing team control over content. It was a simple tool, but it did its job and has helped thousands of our customers drive better engagement with their recipients.

Since then, we’ve watched our customers build more sophisticated marketing strategies and we’ve listened to them share their evolving desires to build lasting relationships with their recipients. At the same time, we saw them become frustrated with the industry-standard campaigns wizard format—which siloed their workflows and made it difficult to collaborate within their teams.

As we thought about the next generation of marketing email at SendGrid, we knew we had to go back to the drawing board, this time with a focus on targeted engagement and flexible campaign building. After months of building and testing with customers, we are thrilled to share our latest innovation with the world.

Introducing SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

SendGrid Marketing Campaigns was built for developers and designed for marketers. The new, full-featured marketing email service includes:

  • Engagement and list segmentation
  • A flexible, wizardless campaign workflow
  • Subscriber management
  • A/B subject line and content testing
  • Robust campaign analytics
  • And much more


Built on SendGrid’s powerful deliverability engine, Marketing Campaigns’ features are also available via API—making it easier than ever to set up marketing and transactional email. Marketing Campaigns means one bill, one (incredible) support team, and one vendor for all of your email communications.

And we saved the best for last. At SendGrid, we’re focused on providing the features our customers need, at a price they deserve. That was our core belief when we started SendGrid and remains a cornerstone of our product offering. With Marketing Campaigns, the story is no different. We are offering and charging for the core features. (No fluffy features you’ll pay for but never use).

We trust you’ll find Marketing Campaigns to be the affordable, full-featured, flexible, and powerful marketing email tool you’ve been looking for. We’re continuing to build and innovate —look for much more coming your way soon! Until then, learn more about Marketing Campaigns on our Solution and Pricing pages and visit our user guides for tutorials.

SendGrid Team
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