We recently released a new version of our Event Notification webhook. The Event Notification webhook allows customers to retain all the details of their email history. SendGrid will post data to customers’ applications anytime events occur to their emails. When mail is processed, delivered, dropped, opened, clicked, bounced, etc., we package that information up and provide it to customers.

This new version posts a JSON array containing the event data to a url of the customer’s choosing. We also added in the ability for customers to test this webhook prior to enabling it, so you can make sure everything is configured properly. In addition to updating the configuration page we have also made significant back-end improvements to improve the speed and stability of this webhook.

Customers who have never enabled the event notification webhook before will be using this new version by default. Existing customers who have previously utilized the event webhook will remain on their current version. Please note that new sub accounts will also default to the new version, but can be switched back to v2 via the API. Please check the documentation for all the details on this version and on how to upgrade.

Full documentation of this new version is available here: http://sendgrid.com/docs/API_Reference/Webhooks/event.html

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