We’ve heard the news, read the blogs and monitored the tweets. And as the thoughts, reactions, and sentiments roll in, we’re plugging away at what we do on a daily basis: delivering on the future of email. Since our launch more than a year ago, our premium service has helped thousands of companies solve some very difficult email problems and saved those companies countless hours and dollars along the way.

We’re very proud of our approach to email delivery and the premium service we provide to businesses in need of email help. If you’re not totally familiar with what SendGrid does, consider this a quick refresher. Or, if you’re interested in understanding more about the future of email, please read on.


Q: What good is an email sent, if it doesn’t reach the inbox?
A: Nothing.

Many competing services place all of their users on clusters of shared IP addresses. As a result, users share a collective sender reputation, and thus affect each others’ deliverability.  At SendGrid, we believe it is a bad idea to allow your email reputation to be influenced by another company’s decisions and habits.

Transactional emails have a better reception than marketing emails, so we recommend our users segregate those “categories” of emails through different IP addresses or clusters.  Are you willing to compromise the deliverability of your password reminder emails by sending through the same medium that other companies are using to send aggressive email invites or questionable marketing emails?  Of course not.  This is why we provide tools such as category tagging to enable users to track ROI and measure deliverability for each distinct type of email they send. Once we gather these metrics and report them back to you, our customer support team is here to help you make sense of the data and optimize your numbers.

In addition to our relationships with ISPs and our vast experience (we currently send approximately 1 billion emails per month), we have great partners, such as Return Path, that help us stay on top of trends and best practices in the deliverability space.  We are experts in what we do. From there, we let our results speak for us…and speak they do.

Customer Service and Support

One aspect of the SendGrid service upon which we pride ourselves and work to improve every single day is our relentless focus on providing the best possible customer service. Ever.

We talk to our users (and prospective users) seven days a week, whether the conversation is via telephone, live chat, email, twitter, or other social tools. It is this personal touch that allows us to know when our customers are happy or unhappy, what motivates their level of satisfaction, what they need, and what they want. We realize we’re not perfect, but we’re on the right track and will not give up until perfection is achieved.

Advanced Statistics and Reporting

In order to run successful email campaigns (whether transactional or bulk), it is absolutely necessary to gain complete understanding of performance. Here are the things we track for our users: requests, delivers, total clicks, unique clicks, total opens, unique opens, bounces (and repeat bounces), spam reports (and repeat spam reports), unsubscribes, and sends to invalid email addresses. If your business depends on email to drive product usage and revenue, you must work from as much data as possible in order to make smart decisions. We provide advanced reports down to an individual email basis.


Poor deliverability isn’t the only problem plaguing the world of email today, there’s also a lack of ingenuity. When was the last time you put a lot of thought into your email strategy? Probably never, and you’re not alone. That’s where we come in. SendGrid leads the industry in innovative solutions:

SMTP API – with this feature, you can uniquely target your customers based on your own template and, using substitution variables, turn one general message into thousands of custom messages that speak to each and every one of your customers in a personal way.

Parse API – so, it turns out that you need to receive emails in addition to sending them, eh? With our parse API, you can accept and parse the content and attachments of incoming emails and post them to a URL of your choosing.

Event API – remember all those statistics we mentioned above? With our Event API, you can notify a URL of those “events” in real time, giving you one more way to access all of your data where it is most convenient for you.

Today, we offer several apps to all of our users. Examples include the newsletter app, click and open tracking apps, the event notification app, subscription tracking, spam checker, email-to-phone, email-to-twitter, and the list goes on. We provide a platform for email, and this is a big piece of our plan to change the way email is used by businesses of the future. Stay tuned: exciting things are coming.


If you want to stick to the basics, integrate via SMTP by simply changing three settings on your email client or server. It literally takes less than five minutes, and you’re sending email with all the bells and whistles our service offers.


We came into this game about 18 months ago. At that time, we were the new kids on the block, but we were also the only kids on the block. Since then, we’ve been joined by a bunch of kids our age, or a little younger. We’ve grown a lot and learned even more. With more than 17,000 customers and over 6 billion emails sent, we’ve proven our ability to deliver on our promise. Email has only reached a fraction of its potential, and we’re here to fulfill that capacity. With a strong team, a lean mentality, and forward thinking mindset, we will “do more faster.”

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