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Code Challenge: Get Sentiment Analysis of Incoming Emails with Parse Webhook and TextBlob

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For Day 3 of this series, I wanted to start diving into an application of Machine Learning. This has long been one of my favorite topics in Computer Science. For this post I wanted to touch upon Natural Language Processing. It’s a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on the ability for machines to manipulate Natural Language and derive … Read more ›

SendGrid’s Parse Webhook Q&A

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This past Tuesday, our awesome Developer Communications Director, Adam DuVander, and Developer Evangelist, Kunal Batra, hosted our monthly webcast Be an Email Switch Hitter: Inside SendGrid’s Parse Webhook. We ran the bases starting with the basics on the differences between an API and a webhook, to actual use cases from customers and hackathon demos, to a live demo on how … Read more ›

Control Home Lighting with the Parse Webhook

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Our Parse webhook lets your application receive inbound email. The common use cases for this tend to be web app related. It’s awesome for creating applications like a support ticketing system or receiving data for a social or content management site. In this post, I’ll share how well it also works to control web-enabled hardware. Specifically, I’ll be using inbound … Read more ›

Check Spam Using the Parse Webhook

Key Practices to Avoid the Spam Folder

One of my favorite parts of SendGrid is our Parse Webhook. It’s a great tool that enables your applications to receive incoming email. One of the lesser known features of the API is the spam_report and spam_score parameters. Every time your application receives an email through the Parse Webhook, SendGrid uses SpamAssassin and generates a score and report based on … Read more ›

Parse Webhook Guide: Make Email a Two Way Street

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Parse Webhook Guide

When you think about email in your applications, chances are you first think of sending email. SendGrid has email deliverability covered. In addition to sending email through SendGrid, you can also receive it using the incoming Parse Webhook. Using this feature, you can make your applications interactive by inviting replies and reacting without the user necessarily even visiting your website … Read more ›

Send Email from Static Websites Using Parse

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I recently moved a bunch of PHP sites to Jekyll-generated static websites that are hosted from different buckets on Amazon S3. It was a great process, but I was faced with one problem that I didn’t think about in advance: how do I make the contact forms work without having any back end processing? DOH! I could do it in … Read more ›