Last month, I shared 5 ways to optimize your opt-in pages to increase list sign-ups. But, that’s only the first step. Once you’ve optimized your opt-in page, you need to promote it so that more potential users can engage with your brand. Here are some easy ways to promote your list:

1. Thank You Page: Every time a visitor completes a form on your site, they should receive a “thank you” message. This is an excellent opportunity to include a call to action that encourages the user to sign up for your email list. Make sure to include information about the list and the value gained from joining it.

2. Blog: Your blog may be one of the most visited areas of your site, so it’s another great place to include a call to action. Whether it’s on the sidebar or in the top navigation, make sure the opportunity to sign up to your list is visible. HubSpot does a great job with this in the example below. They take advantage of my interest in their content (me reading a blog article) by following up with an ask that is a value add to me. Better yet–the form to sign up is simple and only asks for 3 pieces of information.

3. Website: Include sign-up calls to action on your homepage and subpages, where appropriate. You can include them in your top navigation, in the footer, and on the sidebars to keep it visible to visitors at all times. Also, don’t forget the power of the pop-up to put your call to action front and center.

4. Landing Page: Include an opt-in field (i.e. checkbox) within your landing page forms to opt users into your list. Decide whether you want this to be a pre-checked field that automatically opts people in or if you want users to actively check the box. The latter ensures that recipients actually want your email and didn’t overlook it when they completed your form. If using the former, we suggest using double opt-in to confirm the subscription.

5. Lead Nurturing Emails: If you’re using lead nurturing to stay in contact and convert potential users over time, encourage those recipients to sign up for a relevant newsletter or provide a link to another offering they’ll find useful.

6. Reward Your Current Subscribers: Give your existing subscribers incentives like discounts, account credits, additional features, and more for referring other subscribers.

7. Collect in Person: Ask people for their email address when you are face-to-face with them either at an event or right at the register (if you’re a retailer). Just make sure that they input their information themselves, to show consent. With the release of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, there have been lots of changes to what it means to give your consent. So read up on the details of the law to make sure you’re in compliance.

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Jillian Wohlfarth
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