Whether you are aspiring to be an email marketer, or simply looking to hire one, you should be aware of some common basic traits that all individuals who are heavily involved in email should have. After looking at numerous job postings, here are the 5 most common and important traits we found:

1. Attention to Detail – Anyone specializing in email will need extremely solid and detail-oriented copywriting and editing skills. Corporate emails are expected to be perfect grammatically, and when there are errors in a business email, it can drastically change the reader’s impression of the company.

2. Flexibility – Email projects will typically involve both short term and long term goals and strategies. An email professional should have the flexibility to constantly transition back and forth from writing and production to higher level analysis of performance.

3. Creativity – The email industry is constantly evolving and changing, and it takes increasingly more creative formats to reach your target audience, whether it’s a welcome email or a marketing email. Subject lines, email body, and images and links are all crucial elements of successful emails and a creative mind will be able to harness them in order to maximize their efficiency.

4. Math and Analytical Skills – Often overlooked is the ability to follow and understand what happens after your email is written and sent. Email professionals should have a solid understanding of how to analyze data in order to understand which emails are effective, which are being delivered, which are being opened, and which are being deleted. Using and understanding this data is the only way that future emails can be altered to increase their success rate.

5. Life Long Learner – As mentioned before, the email industry is constantly evolving. The ideal candidate for a position involving large amounts of email work will have a desire and interest in keeping current with email best practices, tools and strategies. As new methods and software is developed, a company that is not staying current with email trends will quickly fall behind competitors.

Email is one of your most valuable business resources. From confirmations and receipts to mass marketing and newsletters, email must be implemented in the best ways possible to be effective. This takes a qualified and dedicated person who, through use of the traits above, will be able to help propel your company’s email strategy to the next level.

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This post is a guest post from our friends at Windows IT Pro.


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