3 Ways Attending SendGrid Delivered Will Step Up Your Email Game


SendGrid-Delivered-InternationalIn case you haven’t heard, the SendGrid Delivered tour that’s been to 9 cities across the US and Europe, is expanding to another 9 cities before the end of the year! We’ve helped hundreds of developers, entrepreneurs, and marketers step up their email game so far, and we’re looking forward to connecting with you at an upcoming event.

In case you need more incentive, here are 3 things you’ll be better at doing after attending SendGrid Delivered.

1.    Impress your boss. Developers will learn how to seamlessly integrate email into their apps through any number of our APIs, while those on our non-technical track will take away ideas for revolutionizing the emails they send to customers and leads. Higher ROI, anybody?

2.    Send sexy emails. For marketers, that means taking away practical tips on incorporating marketing messaging into transactional email. Don’t worry devs, we haven’t forgotten about you. During our session on How to Navigate SendGrid APIs, you’ll have examples and live demos from our experts, showing you how to make that code a little bit sexier.

3.   Improve your (sender) reputation. Nobody likes a dirty spammer. Email deliverability is a direct reflection of what the top ISPs think of you! So discover how to stay in the good graces of these ISPs (we’re talking about you Gmail, Yahoo!, and Outlook) to keep your reputation intact.

Between these benefits, key networking opportunities at the free happy hour, and the SendGrid swag, you know you want to join us! Sign up for this free event today.

SendGrid Delivered Fall 2013 Stops

US Dates

Chicago: September 10

Dallas: September 12

Atlanta: November 5

Miami: November 7

San Diego: December 3

Los Angeles: December 5

South America Dates

Sao Paulo: October 1

Rio de Janeiro: October 3

Buenos Aires: October 8

If we’re not coming to your city and you wish we were, shoot me an email at jill@sendgrid.com.

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As Inbound Marketing Manager at SendGrid, Jill works to ensure we deliver marketing email that educates, inspires, and delights our friends and customers. Her passions include intelligent email design, developing her beer palette, and exploring the great state of Colorado.