3 Mobile Trends That Will Affect the Future of Transactional Email

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Smart PhoneThe growth of mobile and all of its interesting applications makes for a really exciting time in the world of email – particularly transactional email. Web apps beget mobile apps which begets transactional email messages. Here are three key trends in the world of mobile that will directly affect how companies shape their businesses and spur the growth of email.

Mobile Email Will Compel Marketers to Fine Tune Their Messages

As marketers refine their mobile strategy, they will start designing specifically for the third screen rather than in spite of it – especially given the fact that users are becoming more comfortable with completing transactions on the go. As a result, more sophisticated email messaging strategies will need to be deployed for tablets vs. smartphones vs. whatever Apple invents next in order to spur engagement and increase conversions. As a direct result, promotional and transactional email will morph in new and interesting ways to improve the customer experience by reducing clicks, easing response and driving customers to checkout.

Business Apps Combined With Flex Options Spark A Movement

Manufacturers and businesses are still trying to find the perfect balance between mobility and productivity. As telecommuting, web-based tools and instant communication gain greater adoption, the lines between workplace and home are blurring significantly. No longer trapped by boundaries or time, mobile devices need to perform more complex operations, yet be nimble and portable enough to be an extension of your personal space. As a result, smartphones will get bigger while tablets get smaller driving the growth of web-based tools that can be accessed via these multiple platforms. And with web applications on the rise, transactional email will skyrocket as evidenced by SendGrid’s own growth.

Mobile Commerce Helps Grow the Cloud.

Mobile-commerce is projected to grow to $11.6 billion this year. That’s a 73% increase over 2011. This will directly influence the number of transactional emails being deployed increasing the need for cloud-based email systems to handle everything from deployment, deliverability and security. This influx will also cause new challenges for ISPs who are charged with the daily, never-ending task of trafficking spam away from the inbox, and thwarting the efforts of cybercriminals trying to exploit loopholes in the mobile commerce market. Consequently, it will become an even greater imperative for senders to utilize tools that can rapidly deploy security features and updates to a wide constituency of users in very short periods of time.

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