The holidays are a wonderful, memorable, and…insanely stressful time for everyone. Whether you’re knee deep in wrapping up 2016 planning or in wrapping up presents, it can be easy to get swept up in the beautiful mess of the holidays and throw your email program on the back burner. So I want to highlight a few quick holiday email reminders to help keep you on track these next few weeks.

Avoid Email Exhaustion

Email is a communication tool often abused by senders around the holidays. What was typically a weekly newsletter can morph into multiple daily emails. Yes, recipients probably will anticipate a slightly higher volume of emails hitting their inbox because the holidays are exciting and worthy of more communication, but taking it to another level and forgetting all about honoring email preferences is a quick way to turn any recipient into a scrooge with the spam button. Make sure your messages are valuable, timely, and are in line with the expectations you set during the rest of the year.

If you insist on increasing your normal sending frequency, be sure to include a down-subscribe option for recipients to take. A down-subscribe will take subscribers off of your sending list until the holidays are over and your sending regulates back to business as usual.

Stay Consistent With Your Brand

Who doesn’t love a great holiday themed piece of content? Including a few cute quips and some festive design can easily light up a pretty plain newsletter. Unfortunately, some marketers take it too far and make themselves unrecognizable. Making your from-address “” is fun, but will leave recipients guessing as to who sent it.

Listen to What Your Subscribers Want

Your engagement metrics (opens, clicks, unsubscribes) are, as we’ve said before, your window into your recipient’s inbox. Your subscribers’ engagement, or lack of engagement, tells you what kind of content they like to receive. You probably have a segment of customers who respond really well to sales announcements/promotional emails, while another segment can’t wait to read your weekly digest of best practices blog posts. Take these findings and segment your list accordingly. Sending wanted, targeted messages with your data is the key to a healthy, successful email program!

For additional holiday email tips and tricks from our delivery team, flip through our Holiday Pre-Send Checklist below:

Kate Schmeisser
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