On the fifth day of our 12 Days of Holiday Sending mini-series, we want to close out our volume section with a quick note on frequency. When I wrote on Monday that you need to build up your sending volume, those tips go hand in hand with your sending frequency. We understand you’ll most likely have more mail you’d like to send over the holidays, which results in a higher sending frequency, BUT you need to watch your metrics closely to make sure you’re not exhausting your recipients with too much mail.

The holidays are awesome, but they also bring some additional stress for most people. Between holiday parties to attend, presents to buy, cookies to bake, decorations to hang, in-laws to impress, etc., it’s easy to get overwhelmed! So start out slow with increasing your frequency. If you normally only send out 2 emails every week, start with sending 3 emails your first week and watch your metrics. If your clicks and opens are staying close to your usual rates (or heck if they are higher), then you’re safe to proceed.

This is also a great opportunity to mention the importance of having a preference center. Often when I go to unsubscribe and I’m given an option to just “down-subscribe,” I’ll take it! For example, if I’m receiving a daily update, I’ll opt to just receive a weekly summary. Your preference center will act as a safety net to keep you from losing subscribers who feel you’re sending too often. There’s a reason your subscribers opted-in to receive your content, sometimes they just want to see it a little less often.

It’s smart to think of the big picture when you approach your holiday sending program. Losing a customer because you exhausted them with too many holiday emails isn’t worth it!

For more holiday sending tips inspired by our Holiday Sending Hacks webcast, check out the SlideShare below:

Kate Schmeisser
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