To kick off our 12 Days of Holiday Sending mini-series, we’re starting with one of my favorite topics! Branding your email is a key component to delivering an awesome email experience. Traditionally, we recommend keeping the look and feel of your emails the same as the look and feel of your site. From opening the email, to clicking your CTA (call to action), to your actual website, your recipient should have a continuous experience. But that’s not always the most exciting approach, especially with the holidays.

The holidays are an exciting time and your emails should reflect that! Changing your logo design completely to a new holiday shape or text? Too far. Adding a santa hat or holiday lights to your original logo? Just right! Changing your “from address” to Too far. Keeping your regular “from address” and using a witty subject line involving a holiday character? Just right! As long as you’re using familiar design to your usual emails, you should be good to go.

So have your fun, but keep in mind your users need to still be able to recognize you!

Check out the SlideShare below for more holiday sending tips from our deliverability team:

Kate Schmeisser
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