For our eighth day of our 12 Days of Holiday Sending series, we’re closing out our “Subscribers” section with a reminder to listen to what your subscribers want.

If you’re noticing that your subscribers are not engaging (clicking, opening, sharing, replying) with your emails, or even worse, if you’re seeing lots of unsubscribes or spam complaints, it’s time to take a look at your sending frequency and most importantly, your content. Are your low engagement rates and high unsubscribes telling you that there is a disconnect between what you’re promising your subscribers and what you’re delivering?

Do a deep dive into the content of your messages to find out where you’re getting off track. Look at your:

Subject line: Are you not being clear enough up front about what’s to be expected in your email? The one and only point of your subject line is to get an open, so be explicit or be creative, but don’t get stuck in the gray area in between.

Design: Are your emails branded to match your website, landing pages, and all customer-facing materials? Your email program needs to deliver a consistent experience between all of these pieces, so make sure your branding and design reflects that.

Body copy/offer: Whatever motivates your subscribers to open your emails should be delivered in the body copy of your email. There should be clear purpose behind every email you send, so make that purpose, and its value, abundantly clear to your user. If you’re extending an offer, make sure it’s something that will both resonate and inspire an action.

CTA: Speaking of action—is your call to action in your email clear? Is it supported by a testimonial or proof point to help validate your ask? Also, how many CTAs are you including in your email? Too many asks lead to confusion, so stay focused, and your subscribers will too. We just released a guide on email CTAs, so give it a read if you’re looking for more ideas.

Take the time to constantly evaluate your email content and how your subscribers are responding to it. Make adjustments and test each iteration.

For more Holiday Sending tips, inspired by our deliverability team’s Holiday Sending Hacks webinar, check out our SlideShare below:


Jillian Smith
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