For our fourth day of holiday email sending tips, we want to talk a little more about monitoring your sending volume. Yesterday, Kate shared the importance of maintaining relevance in your emails as you ramp up your volume (not ramping up your sends just for the sake of staying top of mind).

I want to take it a step further into today’s tip to make sure that your sending patterns don’t become erratic during the holidays.

Sometimes, you can get so filled with the holiday spirit, that you get overly aggressive with your sending volumes—one day you send a discount opportunity to a large portion of your list and then the next day you send a reminder email to a small set of customers, and then you follow that up with a segmented blast to new subscribers.

These erratic sending volumes can send a red flag to Internet Service Providers. If they think you’re sending spam, they can affect how many of your emails get delivered to your customers. This is a risk you can’t take when there is so much opportunity to make valuable connections with your subscribers during the holidays.

So remember that consistency is key this holiday season—keep a check on how frequently you’re sending and at what volumes. If there are any big inconsistencies, course correct and get back on track.

To learn more, check out all of our holiday sending tips, courtesy of Luke and Tanya on our deliverability team in the SlideShare below, or listen to their webcast Holiday Sending Hacks for more great insights.

Jillian Smith
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