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Culinary Stone on Opening Night


The Culinary Stone in Coeur d'Alene was already a kitchen store, cooking classroom and Italian deli, but just a couple weeks ago they added a butcher shop to their repertoire.

The idea of adding a butcher shop had been evolving every since the Culinary Stone opened late last year, says manager Renee Mohr. The butchery, called Chop Shop Butchery at the Stone, has a selection of local all-natural grass-fed meats, including beef, pork, lamb and bison.

"Everyone wants to eat a pure piece of beef, pork and lamb and there really aren't a lot to choose from [in Coeur d'Alene]," Mohr says.

A new lunch menu has also debuted in the last few weeks. Before, they only had chopped salads and an Italian Lunch Box with meat and cheese cuts. On the new menu, Italian sandwiches are now served daily, such as the Dom Deluise with prosciutto cotto, Genoa salami, mortadella, romaine, roma tomatoes, red onion, balsamic vinaigrette, provolone, and olive tapenade, all on a house-made hoagie roll.

"It's becoming more of a place to come in and have lunch," says Mohr.

The Culinary Stone also has happy hour (Mon-Sat, 4:30-6 pm), when you can enjoy cheese and charcuterie boards and choose from their huge wine selection and 12 beers on tap.



Deep-fried donuts, pizzas and pastries are just some of what have been coming out of Fusion Flours since they opened their gluten-free bakery and retail shop a year ago. The company, which actually started up three years prior to opening a storefront, now has plans to expand and move to a larger location. Their current spot on East Wellesley Avenue near the NorthTown Mall isn't big enough to house the larger equipment and appliances they'll need to obtain new wholesale contracts.

Fusion Flours has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the $22,000 they need for the changes (and of course there are yummy pledge incentives such as gluten-free flour, pizza, donuts and doggy treats). Currently, co-owner Tara Wright offers a 48-hour certificate program for learning the fundamentals of gluten-free baking, but she hopes to have a small classroom and a big enough kitchen to hold multi-student classes in the future.


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Vino! Wine Tasting

Vino! | 222 S. Washington St.

Fri, April 4 tasting features wine of the month club selections, from 3-6:20 pm. Sat, April 5 features a Rhone varietals smackdown: Wash. vs. France, from 2-4:30 pm. | $10/tasting | 838-1229more...

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Spring Valley Wine Dinner

Beverly's | 115 S. Second, CdA

Seven-course dinner served with six wines — one white and five red — from Walla Walla's Spring Valley Vineyards. | April 10, at 6 pm | $85/person | 208-765-4000more...

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Cheese Tasting Class

Chocolate Apothecary | 621 W. Mallon

Taste eight cheeses and learn the basics to help you pick from any cheese selection, as well as how to store cheese, its history and more. | April 10, at 7 pm | $20/person | 324-2424more...

Appetite for Conservation
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Schmidty's Burgers

206 N. Fourth, CdA

Sometimes simpler isn't better, especially if it means sacrificing variety or quality. With three bun types and nine burger toppings (not including specials), Schmidty's Burgers takes the Rube Goldberg approach — "accomplishing by complex means what seemingly could be done simply."

Sure, you could go with the usual burger: plain soft bun, maybe a little melted American cheese, a choice of lettuce, tomato, etc., and dress it yourself with ketchup or mustard. Schmidty's goes a step further. Their six-ounce patties of certified Angus beef burgers on your choice of bun — roasted red onion, Kaiser or ciabatta-style — sport such outlandish accompaniments as pineapple and banana peppers (Mrs. Schmidty, $10.69) or baby portabella mushrooms and Swiss ($10.59). The Hangover Burger features a hash brown patty, American cheese, fried egg and Canadian bacon ($10.89) while the California burger goes both ways — chicken or beef — with guacamole, bacon and Swiss ($10.89).

Of course, you can always preempt the morning-after ailments with something good and gooey to soak up the alcohol the night before. Try the loaded cheese fries with bacon, green onion and sour cream or ranch ($5.99) or the bone-in drumsticks in four levels of heat ($7.49).

If it's the hair of the dog you're needing, Schmidty's just added beer to its menu, which is also kid-friendly with junior-sized portions of burgers, fish or chicken strips and grilled cheese ($4.89-$5.89). You get your choice of fries or onion rings with any sandwich, served hot and crisp in little baskets. more...


La Michoacana Mini Market

10617 E. Sprague Ave.

Colorful piñatas hang from the ceiling of La Michoacana in the Spokane Valley. Chorizo, cheeses, beef and tripe fill a display case and several aisles are stocked with giant cans of jalapeño peppers, jars of pork rinds, seasonings, cans of mango juice, bags of tortillas and a whole aisle devoted to candy.

"Pretty much everything you'd want to cook Mexican is here," says Omar Garcia.

Garcia's father, Simon Garcia, opened La Michoacana Mini Market in Spokane Valley in 2001, a few years after he moved to Washington from Los Angeles. He started with just a small store, about half the size of what is there now.

A few years after opening, customers started coming in and asking for tortas, tacos and burritos. So the Garcias opened a kitchen and started a restaurant in the market.

The full menu features huevos ($5.95) in various forms, sopas ($7-$14.95), tacos ($1.50-$3), tortas ($4.95) and lunch specials such as camarones diabla ($12.95), which are prawns sautéed in butter and spicy red sauce.

If you're feeling particularly famished, try one of their enormous, plate-covering burritos — the kind you would only dare eat with a fork. The burritos come slathered in salsa, sprinkled with cheese, stuffed with rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes and your choice from a lengthy meat list: adobada, birria, cabeza, carne asada, buche, carnitas, chorizo, lengua, pollo asado or tripa.

A little more than a month ago, La Michoacana added a bakery to their business: again, customers started asking for it. more...



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