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Cup of Joe


Maybe you've felt a little left out of the whole controversial bikini barista scene because, well, you're attracted to men. Lucky for you, a new coffee hut called Hot Cup of Joe with shirtless men serving up drinks is set to have its grand opening on Valentine's Day.

"We've had the female stands for 10 years now, why not have guys?" says Hot Cup of Joe owner Chris Mullins. "I'm surprised no one's done it before."

Mullins, who has worked as a stripper for quite a while, says he has no problem being in his underwear, but he'll have to get the guys who will be working at the stand to warm up to the idea.

"It's going to be classy," he says. "It's not going to be thongs. I think that's gross."

The men will probably start off with no shirts and wearing jeans or slacks, says Mullins.

"It will be just a little bit cuter than a Hanes commercial," he says. "You don't have to worry about kids seeing anything they won't see on TV or at home."

The stand and its drink will be geared toward women, but Mullins says he won't deter any man that wants to come through.

Hot Cup of Joe plans to serve their own blend of Waverly's Coffee, along with white coffee and baked goods such as bagels, muffins and cookies. One of their featured drinks, Cupid's Arrow, is made with white chocolate, French Vanilla and cupcake flavors.

The stand, located at 1602 N. Ash St. (formerly Tailor's Bean Shack), will start out with daily hours from 5 am-8 pm, Mullins says.



The owner of Chaps Restaurant & Cake Bakery (one of the many restaurants participating in Inlander Restaurant Week) has a new project in the works. Owner Celeste Shaw and Chaps' pastry chef and general manager Gina Garcia are planning to open another restaurant together about a year from now. The restaurant, called Zinc, is already under construction in the Vinegar Flats area.

"It's going to be kind of new American food," Garcia says. "We're going to go for the farm-to-table concept and everything there will be house-made. We'll be doing house-made bread and dessert and then the savory meals as well."


The Yards
Lincoln Center
Culinary Calendar
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The Art of Butchery

Inland Northwest Culinary Academy | 1810 N. Greene St. (SCC)

Chef Peter Tobin leads a course on butchering, including a visual demonstration and how to talk to chefs about selling meats and maximizing value. (Geared toward farmers and ranchers, but open to all). | Feb. 15 at 9 am | $65 | 533-8141more...

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Woof, Purr & Wine

Nectar Tasting Room | 120 N. Stevens St.

Benefit dinner hosted by Partners for Pets, a Spokane Valley animal rescue organization. Includes a 3-course meal and two glasses of wine. | Feb. 15 from 6-9 pm | $30, reservations requested | 893-9829more...

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Modern Cuisine Techniques & Plating

Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center | 405 N. William St., Post Falls

Chef Adam Hegsted leads a class on chef's techniques to plate food, such as spherification, foams, gels and more. | Feb. 19 at 5:30 pm | $50 | 208-457-8950more...

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Waddell's Brewpub & Grille

6501 N. Cedar

As legend goes, Rube Waddell wrestled alligators in the circus during baseball's off-season.

Hence the newly opened Waddell's Brewpub & Grille logo: a sketch featuring the turn-of-the-century ballplayer with a gator casually slung over his shoulders, a wooden bat between the beast's sharp teeth.

Building on the success of the six-year-old South Hill food and beer hub, Waddell's Neighborhood Pub & Grille, owner Michael Noble opened the doors of the North Side counterpart just before Christmas.

The pub's namesake — known for his eccentric personality and famously successful pitching career during the early days of professional baseball — is also the inspiration for many of the new brewery's beer monikers: the South Paw Pale Ale (he was left-handed); the Fireman's Amber Ale (he was known for saving people from burning buildings); and the Alligator Stout (the aforementioned gator wrestling).

When plans for a second location began taking shape in 2008, Noble knew he wanted it to be different than the flagship restaurant. He jumped on the opportunity to build a brewery inside the restaurant in the new Cedar Crossing commercial development at Five Mile, hiring former Northern Lights assistant brewer Bryan Utigard to head up brewing operations.

With a current brewing capacity of 16 kegs — soon to double with the addition of three new fermenters — Waddell's currently features six house beers on tap, an impressive number for a just-debuting brewery.

Food offerings at the spacious pub — which features a window into the brewing area behind the bar — are almost identical to the South Hill restaurant: burgers, gourmet hot dogs, the typical pub grub. But a few additions are casually slipped in between Waddell's menu favorites, including "Rube's Gator Wings." There's no play on words here: they're made from real gator meat. more...


The Yards Bruncheon

1248 W. Summit Parkway

On the first weekend morning at the Yards Bruncheon, every booth and chrome-edged table is filled. Servers hustle around with coffee and warm plates, then stop in front to put more names on the wait list. A few people leave after hearing the wait time could be 45 minutes; they wait at the door to exit as more people stream inside from the cold, stamping off snow at the threshold.

"It's busier than expected, so that's good," says Adam Hegsted, the owner and chef, briefly stepping away from the bustling open kitchen.

The new Kendall Yards restaurant serves up breakfast and lunch seven days a week inside a cozy building next door to Hegsted's other project, the Wandering Table, which is set to open later this spring for the dinner and evening crowd. The Yards is built for daytime, with a tall bank of windows at the front welcoming light into the pale teal interior. It has the booths, chrome-edged tables and checkerboard floor of a classic diner, but other details — mismatched vintage silverware, geometric globe lighting, jazz music in the background — make it a charming pastiche of old and new.

The menu reflects the same mix of creativity and comfort, with breakfast options like ricotta-apple pancakes topped with cinnamon syrup ($6) or chorizo and egg tacos ($9). Lunch options include a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers, like the Tur+duc+ken sliders ($11). The menu includes both chicken and waffles ($13) and Fish n' Chips ($12). Vegetarian options like the Beet Burger ($8) and Roasted Squash Omelet ($8) were popular the first few days, Hegsted says. The menu is designed to change based on the season and what's available from local producers — as warmer weather brings more greens and other produce, the menu will reflect that.

The Yards exclusively serves Roast House coffee, with an extensive list for those who want to get pour-over coffee and choose the beans, too. Those looking for different breakfast buzz may want to peruse the list of drinks for a mimosa, Irish coffee or Brass Monkey instead. more...



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