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Newsletter 24


  • Black Knight 2000 Just Released!
  • Table Pack 19/20 on PSN
  • License Renewal
  • Tournament Results
  • Conventions
  • Season Three Pass
  • Table Hint

Black Knight 2000™

Black Knight 2000™ has just been released for iOS , Steam (Mac/Windows), Google Play, Amazon and Ouya!

Black Knight 2000™ (1989): The Black Knight rides again in this brilliant sequel to the Steve Ritchie hit from 1980. Players take on the role of good versus evil as they battle the Black Knight in high velocity gameplay. The game is all about speed and quick reactions, highlighted by features such as an upper and lower level, repeating U-Turn and Skyway Loop shots rewarding accurate shooters and a Drawbridge that lowers to reveal a ramp. The patented Magna-Save™ feature from the original game is back. This allows players to activate a ball saving magnet preventing balls from draining. Great scores are achieved by collecting Lightning Wheel Awards, scoring Hurry-Up bonuses and playing the three awesome Multi-Ball rounds, including The King's Ransom Wizard mode. 5,703 units of this table were produced.

Check out this footage of Black Knight 2000™ in action!

Table Pack 19/20 Out on PSN

Check it out! Here's Victory™ and Class of 1812™

...and here's Cue Ball Wizard™ and El Dorado City of Gold™

Renewed License Agreement

We can now officially announce that the Pinball Arcade has extended it's WMS license! A bunch more Williams and Bally tables are included in this deal that will let us keep preserving awesome pinball for as long as our sales stay strong!

Tournament Results


  1. dylan_h
  2. Toolinit
  3. carkid93
  4. Tripple I
  5. pinballchris
  6. PieCES
  7. 9u1d0
  8. mertzee
  9. ryan
  10. niliang
  2. TEC
  3. Krassemackan
  4. PinMo
  5. KickahaOta
  6. karl
  7. BE1975
  8. nonojin
  9. GSWoods
  10. enkim88
  1. multibrawlr
  2. Chalof
  3. wizard7424
  4. Smash Crate
  5. HDH
  6. KidPub
  7. Lucky7
  8. kallealfons
  9. Quasimondo
  10. JohnLatrine


  2. Sir_Moovenstein
  3. Caps_Lock420
  4. bart4955
  5. sukmytoe2
  6. Zoop25
  7. Stonehedge16
  8. Bregard_69
  9. harry82988
  10. Mr-Bouzouki
  3. saveferris686
  4. OldManMonkeyCow
  6. maezun
  7. pourave2012
  8. LeafNation1
  9. Krakehz
  10. bach211
  1. tiotbellot
  2. djchrille
  3. smbaydp
  4. micah_honasich
  5. alfaromeo816
  6. eckessi
  8. Gen-Bait-82nd
  9. StumpySanto
  10. Gatchan_77


It's a new year, and it's time to start talking about conventions and festivals!

From March 28th to 30th, we'll be hanging out at our booth with the fine folks over at the Texas Pinball Festival! It's one of the greatest pinball conventions, and we would love to see our fans there!

Click here to visit the Texas Pinball Festival website!

Click here to check out the Texas Pinbal Festival Facebook Page.

Season Three Pass Removal

Most of you are aware that Apple has denied us the ability to sell the Season Pass subscription before the Season has fully been released. We have come to the the decision that we will be removing the Season Three Pass from all platforms to preserve consistency of purchasing options. Nothing will change for those that already purchased the Season Three Pass, you will be entitled to the tables just as you were before.

Table Hint

Taxi™ is the next Free Table of the Month!


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