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Chinook Steak House


Batch Bakeshop treats


For two years Batch Bakeshop has been selling their cupcakes, whoopie pies, tarts, cookies and more at the South Perry Thursday Market. They've also been selling their goods at local coffee shops like Atticus and Indaba, plus catering weddings and other events. But they've been doing it all out of a shared commercial kitchen.

Now, Batch owner Mika Maloney is moving towards getting her bakeshop an actual brick-and-mortar bakeshop.

Maloney plans to open a place where customers can come in, sit down and enjoy coffee or tea with their treat

"We've found an amazing space in West Central that we would love to have Batch call home; a place that will not only bring delicious treats to a neighborhood that needs some delicious treats but also make it easy for all of Spokane to visit Batch Bakeshop," Maloney writes on the Kickstarter page she is using to help fund the move.

Batch is able to acquire the new space on its own, according to the Kickstarter page, but needs outside help to fill it with the equipment it needs — an oven, refrigerators, sinks, faucets, shelving and work tables. In return for pledges toward Batch's $15,000 goal, you can get rewards like cookies, cakes, tote bags, buttons and stickers.

The timeline Maloney is aiming toward has Batch moving into the new space in the spring and opening by summer.



The zombie-themed donut shop that opened this summer — with apple fritters resembling brains and maple bars made to look like zombie fingers — is adding a mobile food truck to their business. Dawn of the Donut hopes to have the truck up and running by next week. The plan for the truck is to be delivering donuts to coffee stands and other companies who will be selling their donuts, as well as visiting downtown Spokane and Spokane Valley to sell donuts out of the truck. You'll recognize it by the bold, red "Dawn of the Donut," scrawled on the side of a silver 1966 Ford milk delivery van.


Manito Tap House
Culinary Calendar
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Wine Tasting

Vino! A Wine Shop | 222 S. Washington St.

Friday's tasting features Thurston Wolfe winery, Saturday features Lullaby Winery. | Nov. 22 from 3-6 pm and Nov. 23 from 2-4:30 pm | $10 each | 838-1229more...

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Wine & Canvas

Spokane Airport Ramada Inn | 8909 W. Airport Dr.

Guided painting class with cocktail refreshments available. Open to all-ages. | Nov. 22 at 6:30 pm | $35/person, all materials provided | 206-999-1682more...

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Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Rogers High School | 1622 E. Wellesley Ave.

The Women & Children's Free Restaurant and Community Kitchen hosts a traditional Thanksgiving meal with smoked turkey, gravy, fresh fruits and vegetables and more. All are welcome. | Nov. 23 from 4-7 pm | Free | 324-1995more...

Public Market
Downriver Grill
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EVENT: Holiday Wine Festival

Fri, Nov. 22-Sun, Nov. 24 from noon-5 pm each day
Map at spokanewineries.net

The holidays are coming and you need some wine.

Perhaps you need it for your Thanksgiving feast, or that reluctantly attended office Christmas party. Maybe a couple of bottles are going out as gifts this year. More likely, you just need a glass of wine because, well, it's the holidays.

Spokane's increasingly robust wine industry knows what you're thinking, and it's on the same page, rolling out the annual Holiday Wine Festival in the days leading up to the first weekend of the holiday season. Organized by the Spokane Wineries Association, nearly all of the region's wineries are participating on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons this week, greeting local oenophiles with specialty tastings, wine releases and perhaps the opportunity to stock up for the aforementioned occasions.

The multipurpose event mostly means that wineries are open during the allotted hours, typically offering special tasting opportunities. At Arbor Crest Wine Cellars' tasting rooms — at the winery's Cliff House Estate and River Park Square — the wine-loving masses flood through over the course of the weekend, getting an early start on the Thanksgiving holiday, says tasting room manager Shelby Enevold. Arbor Crest is offering cheese pairings, wine specials and gift packaging during the three-day-event.

At downtown Spokane's Barrister Winery, owner Greg Lipsker uses the event to roll out new wines. This weekend, he'll debut his 2011 Merlot and a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon made from grapes plucked from the 40-year-old vines of the Bacchus Vineyards. Bottles of these new releases, along with Barrister's other standbys, are all on sale, with your $5 tasting fee going toward a bottle purchase. more...


Beet it Up Mobile Juice Bar


Everyone is exposed to foods that aren't good for them — things too heavy in salt, butter, caffeine, sugars and GMOs, says John Gardner, the owner of Beet It Up mobile raw juice bar. But he admits he eats bad things sometimes, too.

"We'll never be perfect," says Gardner. "[Beet It Up is] a good source for you to feel better if you can — detox, clean yourself out and maintain proper nutrition."

Beet It Up is the name of the mobile raw juice bar that Gardner started with Brandi Elder last month. Gardner hosts a reggae radio show on KYRS, teaches West African hand percussion and recently started a group called the Organic Beets Drum Collective, which is where he got the name for the juice bar. He loves beats and beet juice, Gardner says.Almost every juice ($5.50) on the menu has beet in it, and everything is made from certified organic produce. The Beet It Up combines apple, carrot, beet and lemon. It's a good choice for juice-drinking beginners, says Elder, as it's the most basic on the menu and has a little tang from the lemon.

The Veggie Hut is a little heavier on the vegetable side, with apple, celery, cabbage, carrot, lemon, cucumber and beet, while the La-Beet-O adds only a hint of beet to a mixture of pineapple, pear, carrot and ginger. Gardner and Elder also blend up smoothies ($5.50) like the Irie Solution with banana, pineapple, berry blend, spirulina, kale and hemp milk.

There's also the choice of building your own juice, getting a cup of organic fair-trade coffee or sipping some yerba maté.

Just look for the 1969 Prowler with red, yellow and green stripes and a big grinning beet. more...



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