Eternal Crusade

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Hello Crusaders!

Last month was quite busy for the team, with a couple of achievements and some great news.

Our first priority was the first playable prototype, proving our experience and game play. We are really happy with the result and even if the game is still rough (at this point to be expected) it is definitely fun. We regularly capture our prototype outpost- and Aquila Strongpoint- from the Black Legion or defend it against the Dark Angels. The capture mechanic is critical, and this early prototype is giving us some good ideas of how the massive warfare is going to play out.

Figure 1: Leaked Objective Screen from the prototype.

Interested but want to see more?

Well, as Miguel promised a couple of months ago, we should be able to release a gameplay video during November. Even if the team is a little resistant to release something so early (you know designers are protective with their work until it is “Done”) Miguel is pushing us to share even pre-alpha prototypes with our active community. As he says: “We have to make a great game but nevertheless we also have to show to our friends out there how awesome it is”. So don’t worry, we have a community champion in the team, and you know what? He is the Boss...

About our visit to Games Workshop’s HQ, at the end of September, there is a lot to say but we can summarize it in three main points:


In the middle of thousands of fans sharing our love for the IP, we were able to admire the talent of professional painters and amateurs alike. My favorite part of the event was the “armies on parade” competition and my preference went to “Tau in the Jungle”, number 138. (Number 80, the Chaos Daemon city was also awesome.)

Please feel free to share your picture and stories about Gamesday on our newly available forums:

Figure 2: UK Games day

Figure 3: Contestant 138

Second the STORY!

We had the pleasure to talk face to face with two of our new team members, who may be familiar to some of you: Graham McNeill and Anthony Reynolds. I can tell you that the story they’re collaborating on is worthy of your expectations, digging deeply into the 41st millennium lore. Keep in mind we are talking about a multiplayer narrative, which is a new kind of story telling experience I am sure you will love. Stay tuned more on the story soon.

Third the RHINO!

- Check the picture

Figure 4: Real size Rhino at Games Workshop HQ

Finally, this newsletter is about Chaos: the Archenemy. - To be more precise about Chaos Space Marines. Whether Black Legion or another of the fallen Legions, they have broken their chains and are now free to do fully what they have been made for: WAR. Lost souls of mankind, corrupted traitors of the Imperium, they are the living the proof that the powers of Chaos can only win, bringing destruction and despair everywhere they go.

On the ETERNAL CRUSADE site, you will find another concept art from Hardy Fowler featuring the lost legions available at launch: Black Legion, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers and Night Lords. Yes! Chosen, Havocs, Raptors and Terminators will be among the classes available at launch.

Like for Space Marines and Orks a fifth Chaos Space Marine warband will be selected by the community.

The next newsletter will be written by Steven Lumpkin your Lead Level Designer. He will talk more about level design in the game and... about his passion for the Eldar and Dark Eldar races (I believe he is more interested by female Eldar but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt). If you guys have done Eldar cosplay or fan artworks, please send us your images and I will ask him to select the best ones and name a prize.

Until next time, stay away from Nurgle’s miasmas (the team here is fighting hard to keep them at bay)!

David Ghozland

Creative Director, Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

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