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Farmers Market


The Emerson-Garfieldneighborhood is adding another farmers market to Spokane's handful of seasonal markets.

Starting Friday pick up locally grown produce, fresh-baked bread, eggs, raw and flavored honey, jams and jellies, and natural castile soap.

Emerson-Garfield, just north of West Central and west of North Division Street, contains about 3,000 households. The neighborhood is quite active, with residents doing a lot of biking and walking, but it has never had a farmers market in the area before, says Megan Kennedy, vice chair of the Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood Council.

So the council partnered with Project HOPE to make it happen. Project HOPE works with disadvantaged youth in the West Central and Emerson-Garfield neighborhoods to help them out of poverty and away from gangs through entrepreneurial projects.

Beyond the produce and farm goods sold from about a dozen full-season vendors, the market will have a few food trucks sprinkled in, too. Signed on so far are The Bistro Box, Gingham Apron and The Scoop.

The Bistro Box, which serves gourmet sandwiches, and the Gingham Apron, a new endeavor with picnic-style sandwiches and kabobs, will serve food made with produce from the market.

"This is just a really exciting approach to a farmers market," Kennedy says. "We're looking to create a lively and unique environment."

The Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market will run every Friday during the season between 3 pm and 7 pm in the Knox Presbyterian Church parking lot at 806 W. Knox Ave. Even if you're all stocked up on food, you can still stop by for the live music and masseuse chair.



Portlandians just got a big taste of Spokane. No-Li Brewhouse launched their award-winning beers in Portland last week. A new monthly agreement with Oregon Craft Beer means No-Li will ship 22-ounce bottles along with a limited number of kegs to be sold in Portland. No-Li's brews have also recently been federally approved for "Spokane-Style" beer classification, meaning all of No-Li's beers are brewed and packaged in Spokane and all ingredients come exclusively from the region.


Public Market
Culinary Calendar
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Overbluff Cellars Wine Release Party

Overbluff Cellars | 620 S. Washington St.

Release of the winery's 2010 Syrah, featuring live music by The Wreckers and a dusk screening of the film Bottle Shock. | July 20 | Ages 21+ | 991-4781more...

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Cold Brew Coffee

Roast House Coffee | 423 E. Cleveland Ave.

Class on techniques to make cold-brew coffee. | July 20 at 10 am | Free | 995-6500more...

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Eat to Live Workshops

Center for Spiritual Living | 2825 E. 33rd Ave.

Six-week workshop on the benefits and how-tos of eating a plant-based diet including cooking demos, meal planning and more. | July 24-Aug. 28, Wed from noon-1:30 or 5:30-7 pm | $10/class or $50/program | 951-5557more...

Lincoln Center
Find more Places To Eat at Inlander.com

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Bistro Box

Locations at facebook.com/bistrobox

Over in the Seattle area, The Bistro Box had regular customers who would line up for the coconut chicken, Wagyu beef sliders, hand-cut french fries and fresh salads and sandwiches. Dozens of fans cried out with the announcement in June that the food truck was leaving the area, but their loss may be Spokane's gain. The food truck pulled into town recently with hopes of winning over a new set of fans on this side of the state.

The Bistro Box may be the new food truck on the block, but its owners clearly already know a thing or two about Spokane — the truck made its local debut on Hoopfest weekend when the streets were filled with hungry crowds, serving sandwiches on fresh Petit Chat focaccia.

"It was a good starting point," says Barb Pagarigan, who owns the business with her husband Floyd.

She's from Spokane originally, and they moved back to be closer to family. They're adjusting the menu for the east side of the state, and looking forward to filling Spokane's growing appetite for fresh and creative fare.

Pagarigan recommends the coconut chicken, served served as dippers with a sweet-chili orange sauce or as sliders with coleslaw. The menu also features a variety of specialty beef sliders, such as the crowd favorite OMG Slider — beef topped with crunchy peanut butter, pepper jelly, bacon and cheddar. more...


Food Feature:

Geographical Gastronomy
Peruvian food is more than just quinoa

Sara Balcazar-Greene jerks the wok's long handle toward her sternum, allowing cubes of steak, red pepper strips, tomatoes and spices to spin through the air before they land back in the wok with a sizzle. She says this is stir-fry, but there doesn't seem to be much stirring involved. Instead, there's chopping and flipping. When plated, inch-thick rectangles of seared beef, surrounded by generous slices of sweet red pepper and tomatoes, sit in a deeply flavorful brown sauce imbued with the mellow heat of a Peruvian pepper. This traditional Peruvian dish, loma saltado, isn't complete without rice and a side of French fries. The ingredients are familiar, as are the cooking techniques, but the outcome is a different, and delicious, interpretation of our hemisphere's meat and potatoes.

Balcazar-Greene, born and raised in Peru, and her husband Brad, born and raised in Spokane, opened their marketing and consulting firm, The Purple Turtle, in 2005. Since that time Sarah has been perfecting her cooking skills. Though not a professional chef, she finds cooking to be a relaxing and entertaining way of sharing her Peruvian heritage with others. The couple frequently holds Peruvian-inspired culinary events at their downtown professional space — a large white room complete with a stainless steel kitchen area on one end and a baby grand piano on the other.

While many Americans are now familiar with Peruvian quinoa and know the health benefits of the ancient grain, we may not fully appreciate the celebratory, sensory nature of other Peruvian dishes. Balcazar-Greene wants to change that. Last year she started a blog (peruvianchick.com) that features Peruvian and Peruvian-influenced dishes. more...



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